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  1. well we'd probably take them on total failure of consideration. we have three mechanics who can testify that there is absolutely no doubt that she knew about the problem when she sold the car. in fact one of the mechanics has had the head off the car and has said it has def been off in the last 6 months (which means last 2ish months that they owned it), something to do with emery marks and not being reskimmed. anyways, i am concerned that if we took them to court they would be ordered to repay (well at least pay for the work.. i'm not getting it repaired then giving it back to them!!!) u
  2. hi all.. well i've been doing some delving, and have spoken to a lawyer, shockingly we do have comeback as the car is so badly damaged, basically was unfit for sale, and since we can prove they knew there was something seriously wrong with it when we bought it, (and since she hid from me when i saw her the other day) we can sue them on 'total failure of consideration' and/or 'misrepresentation' as they promised us there was nothing wrong with it, and since we now know they did know... i'm not too sure what we are going to do, having it plugged into the diagnostic machine at murray's volks
  3. Thanks for all your help everyone. I hate buying cars, next time i am going straight to a garage! I think i'm going to try to part ex the car with a garage, that way they will be able to work on it, since i can't afford to do anything myself. I hate dishonest people!! ggrrrrrrrr Thanks again
  4. Hi Not too sure whether this is the right place to post this, but here goes. I bought a 2000 VW Polo GTI in May of this year, it was a private sale. We looked at the car a number of times, and while we were not happy with their clean up job, everything seemed in order. They assured us that there was 'absolutely nothing wrong with the car', and that they were selling due to financial issues having just bought a new house. Being daft we took them at face value, and after much consideration we decided to purchase the car for £4000, this being our maximum budget, and following much reassurance
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