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  1. The point of my question was not what people think should be the case, but is it lawful? The surgery in fact does not get much inappropriate parking at all. But they are not above the law. What I really was interested to know was , are the clamping signs legal? It is a heavy handed approach. In the past I have had idiots park across the access to the ambulance station I worked at. Nothing was done then. You will always get morons taking the p**s , why should the rest of us more reasonable people be theatened with a big stick and cowboy clampers for the act of a very few idiots. It mus
  2. My local Gp's have a brand spanking new Medicine Factory. They used to be called surgeries. At the gate is a sign saying that the car park is monitored , and anybody they don't like will be clamped . They claim that it is Trust Property. My take is that if the property belongs to a trust then within the meaning of the 2012 act it is private land. whether or not they can hide behind Crown Immunity and clamp without lawful authority I do not know. But I don't like practice managers , who seem to have more say than Doctors these days, chucking their weight about. We units of illness (It'
  3. Re 4% charge from B.S. . As I have understood it , debit card operators have a contract with those who use their services, which in effect states that their card represents CASH. Anyone who charges a fee does so in breach of their contract with the card provider(not that they would do anything to hurt their cash cows). If this is still the case, I'm not altogether sure if it is, it's quite fun to report these usurers to your card provider and make them do something about it! Failing that does anyone know if you can take civil action to recover these , if not illegal certainly immoral fees?
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