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  1. I had sent the above letter to MHALL for which they responded with the same old CCA and a handful of statements along with a letter demanding for a payment within 7 days.Should I now send a letter saying that the debt is statute barred or should I wait till their next step (as per your suggestion NailPost)
  2. These are the words in the letter Dear Sir/Madam Account in Dispute – I Acknowledge No Debt to your Company Reference number: XXXX Thank you for your recent correspondence and the copy of consumer credit agreement. In my previous communication I requested you to provide me with a copy of Notice of Assignment that including the date that you purchased the account from the original creditor and all the charges you applied on the account. The copy of notice of assignment you sent me does not seem appropriate as it does not have any of my personal details, a
  3. MHALL.pdf Cant upload this properly
  4. This is what I wrote to them. This is the only communication to Cabot, who MHALL seems to be representing. Let me know if I had said anything in the letter that may work against me.
  5. dear dx100uk do you have a sample letter I can use? Did you also managed to get their current address?
  6. Tugela, With regards to the interest, I read on on of the other forums that 8% interest has been paid by Monument (at request).
  7. Thank you for your response. I have only dealt with them over the phone and I kept repeating that this account is in dispute. Also in the written communication when I demanded for CCA and statements, I wrote "Account in Dispute" Do you think that without making a FF written offer, I can negotiate over the phone saying I can only afford £100 or so provided they put it in writing that they will close this account as "settled in full" and clear off the adverse info from credit file.It will be 6 years from the date of default at the end of the calender month. SO would it not get cleared a
  8. Yes. This was over the phone.
  9. Sorry, I do not know how to start a new thread and hence I am posting it on here hoping that moderaters will help me. I have recieved a letter from Mackenzie Hall demanding payments on-behalf of Cabot Financials (£1499.23). The original Lender was Monument (who I believe was acquired by Barclays). With help of this site, I requested to see credit agreement and statement of account. Mackenzie responded with the statements and agreement and this is when the twist began. 1 The very last statement from Monument dated 28/6/2005 lists out that the account was in arrears and about to
  10. Hi Richie Dont panic. especially while celebration season is approaching fast. I had the same problem as you. All you need to do is very simple. Request for consumer credit agreement. In the most likely event, they would just pass your file to their so called clients. Does their letter say their client is CABOT financial? Any ways. just use this for mat and fill your details in and send it to them with a £1 postal order. They would return to you and claim that they are returning it "as a gesture of goodwill" But its load of rubbish. They cant cash it off as the DCAs use false logos. Let
  11. I had the same problem with CABOT. This is a monument accout. They sent me copy of monument statement. I caught them out, when one of the monument statemnt (27/7/2005) states that they deducted all the unlawful charges applied on the accoutn, which brought the account balance from $1499.23 to £935.70. But CABOT send me a copy claiming it is their notice of assignement that is full of mail merge strings gone wrong and dated 2.12.2008. They claim that they bought the account on 21/07/2006 and that is FIVE days before the last statement from Monument. I am just going to write a letter to them as
  12. To my suprise, I recieved a reply from CABOT yesterday for an account I requested CCA for a couple of months ago. They were initially comming up with discounted offers to clear the account "as a gesture of goodwill" but I had a gut feeling that they would not find the CCA copy. However, They did manage to obtain it from MONUMENT and sent me it along with copies of statement. This opened up another path to dispute. Basically the amount I owed to MONUMENT at the date of default was something in the order of £975. But now the CABOT is demanding me for a sum of £1450. How could I go about di
  13. ME again. I recieved two letters from CAPQUEST regarding Two NATWEST bank accounts (student & Current). The balance I owe them are stated on the letters. I wrote them two separate letters requesting for CCA s for each of the accounts. and Capquest also sent me their statement which I have attached below. I have several questions regarding these accounts. I am more than happy to start paying back the debt I owe in installments. But I am unhappy with the 1% interest Capquest put on it since early 2006 and wonder why they havent contacted me when they bought the debt. Why didn't they dem
  14. Thanks fo your reply. although the account was open in 2003, it defaulted on 2004 august. so I have two more years to go. Question about Notice of Assignment. Who should serve this notice to me? original creditor or the DCA? Capquest sent me a statement saying that they bought the account in Jan 2006 ad kept charging me 1% of the interest since then. But never recieved anything from them or Egg saying the account is being taken over. Capquest did not start demanding payments untill late 2007. How could they charge me interest from 2006?
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