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  1. Thanks rebel11. It was the bailiff's fees I wanted advice on. Just wanted clarification on how to deal with the bailiffs and their extortionate charges for simply delivering one single letter. No knock on the door or previous letters. Just demanding £150 in fees for doing sweet FA. I could write to the council but I don't think they will be much help. My mother-in-law is vunerable I believe, due to her health problems, and am worried that she will be intimidated by them if they do call again. At the same time we won't be paying Newlyn in excess of £300 for one unpaid PCN.
  2. Bump Can someone tell me what reasonable fees the bailiff''s are entitled to. It's gone past the stage of appealing the PCN so nothing to do with a road traffic offence any more. I'm now only interested in paying the original PCN, plus what ever one hand delivered letter from bailiff should be?
  3. Back in November of last year I received a PCN from Camden Council re driving in a bus lane. I went through the appeals process but with out much luck. The ticket remained unpaid and was passed to Newlyn. The PCN had increased to £187 and after being passed to Newlyn now stands at £337.78. The car is a Motabilty vehicle registered in my mother-in-law's name and she is receiving all the correspondence regarding this. She has only ever received this one letter from Newlyn which seems to have been delivered by hand. I am willing to pay the original £187 plus what ever one letter from Newlyn should be but nothing extra. They haven't levied on any goods or the vehicle, and we have only received this one letter. Could someone advise me on how to go about dealing with this please.
  4. I have defaulted on a secured loan I have with Black Horse. I am behind several months and would obviously like to get it back up to date. They have served me with a default notice and are demanding either the loan be paid in full or the arrears paid in full within seven days. I neither have the full amount outstanding or the arrears. I can however resume the normal monthly repayment with an additional amount added on to repay the arrears. Please could you advise me as to where I stand what with it being a secured loan.
  5. They still proceed in sending me threatening letters and have now handed over to Red Debt Collection Services. They're threatening me with a CCJ, a charge on my property and Bailiffs. I have told them this is Stat Barred but they persist in telling me it isn't, with wild accusations of attempted payments. Can some one suggest a good template letter so that i can finally get rid:confused:
  6. Arrow Global LLC, could be something to do with an Orange mobile phone contract.
  7. A small word of advice. Don't give in to your wife's demands. You will both live to regret if you do. Take the advice given from the good people here on this site and you won't go wrong. Hope all goes well
  8. I always thought that they had to obtain peaceful entry first or is Scottish law different
  9. No charges are mentioned, just that they have visited my address with a van with the intention of removing goods. I won't be phoning them to find out I guess they will try and charge for their small white van Can't believe I used to be frightened of these people.
  10. No no, knew it all along...just witnessed it for the first time. A middle aged lady driven around by a little old man in a small white van delivering letters and charging for each one (or trying to ) as they go. Rip off merchants!
  11. While standing in my kitchen and looking through the window, a small white van pulled up across the road. A woman got out, ran across the road and posted an envelope through my door. She then ran back to the van as fast as she could and was gone. Now the letter that was posted was one of their usual "Delivered by hand" ones with the usual "I have attended today with the intention of removing your goods and chattels blah blah blah" Now this was obviously one of their visits that they wish to charge me for. Why should I pay for this when she hasn't even bothered to knock and discuss the matter. Now you see how this **** bag outfit operate. Equita...you'll be getting no money from me. Not the council tax I owe or your charges for your bogus visits. I'm paying what I owe to the council direct.
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