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  1. Yep, it very much wreaks of "Too good to be true" and the advisor I`m dealing with seems to be a nice enough guy but a large part of me suspects he either doesnt know the process or is simply telling me what I would like to hear, either way they could easily steer me into a mess which would then be my problem to sort out
  2. Has anyone came into contact with a company called Debt Release Direct? I ask as I have contacted them regarding my options and I cant decide if they are a good bet or not They seem helpful (but the cynic in me thinks thats to extract the fee) and, as I`m bricking myself with it all, I do feel like I need some guidance When we first spoke they indicated that my best course of action was bankruptcy (which I think is correct as I will be rid of the property forever) and that they could handle it no problem, I explained that I would be off to Canada soon and even that was no problem it
  3. Cheers for the link, looks like theres a branch relatively close to me so I will try them tomorrow, thats if they arent on holiday too (like everyone else over here at the minute it seems)
  4. They are VERY helpful - I spoke with Michael just this morning, problem is he doesnt cover Northern Ireland
  5. Thanks unclebulgaria67 for the reply Ive battled with the property for long enough, even if it was renovated tomorrow I doubt it would be worth half of what I paid in 2007 (so a £70K negative equity shortfall at best) so I feel like Ive lost enough and cant sustain this any longer Ive since asked the mortgage advisor about the possibility of the bank writing off a percentage of the mortgage debt for a lump sum but he believes that the institution in question are the least likely to do that as they are the most tenacious of everyone that he deals with Pretty sure that it wont imp
  6. Hi Guys, Ive just stumbled across your forum and after a quick scan I decided it would be a good place to air some questions about my predicament A little background - I got married in late 2006 and, like most couples, shortly after we purchased our first house (early 2007), the mortgage advisor sorted us with a mortgage and as the house was in need of some TLC he suggested that after a few months we could remortgage and use the additional funds to do the work. We began the fairly extensive work (roof space conversion and a full modernisation) using our own cash thinking that in a s
  7. Even BELOW the bonnet in the warm, dry, physically protected engine bay? I have even found rust at the base of the drivers seat! I`m pretty sure it has never came into contact with moisture................
  8. I disagree Even the Mercedes bodyshop that carried out the inspection quoted that "there was clear evidence of defective paintwork on EVERY panel" The best example is the bar along the top of the engine Physically impossible for it to be damaged by stonechips or collect moisture yet it is by far the single most rusty part. The rusty area above the REAR numberplate is another place that is well protected from direct moisture contact and cannot be easily damaged yet the rust is well underway The Mercedes rust issue is well documented, it is no secret and definately not
  9. Fair enough - There are an awful lot of work vans that do fall into that category but generally owner driven vans are different.
  10. That is so true Supposedly Fiat enlisted the help of Saab to cure their problematic bodywork - and cure it they did Perhaps someone should forward Saabs number to Mercedes? I have heard it said that Mercedes built between 1998 - 2004 were built by penny pinching accountants and not engineers - the results now are plain to see.................
  11. Regarding the point: I think that it is expected that a van would have been abused more than a car. The van is a workhorse, yes, but it is inaccurate to say it has been abused - I have drove it for 70,000 miles on the same roads and it has been maintained/looked after in exactly the same manner as the car, probably better as it has been at the garage for minor problems on various occasions. Most of my rust issues are in daft places where rust due to damage would be difficult ie along the metal strip the bonnet rests on or behind the door strips The fact that Mercedes refu
  12. If things dont go my way I will have no option but to pay for it myself as it will have to be addressed soon I have a couple of friends in the trade and have already spoke with one of them but it will still cost quite a bit for something that I strongly feel I should not have to do I have a friend that does signage who owes me a favour - We have decieded that if Mercedes doesnt offer some assistance I will get the vehicle sign written saying "BUY A MERCEDES AND GET RUSTY BODYWORK FOR FREE" before parking it at the dealership and informing the local rags At least it may stop othe
  13. Is that the same as "Galvanising" If so Mercedes did not do this and it has been suggested that this is where their problems eminated from Another theory is that as the vans were built in Spain the quailty of the bodywork/paint is poor and also Mercedes had to change from 2K to water based paint due to H+S reasons and the water based paint is not up to the job My van (MK1 112CDI Vito) is proof that something is not as it should be.............. I havent got the report but pretty sure I can get it as everyone I have met/dealt with regarding this issue has been most helpful,
  14. Sorry, no finance although I may have to sell a kidney to finance a respray if things dont go my way!
  15. Opinions? My personal favourite: My VW, same age - ZERO rust This is a selection, there are lots more if anyone feels they would help
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