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  1. Thanks, will do some digging first and find the old paperwork!
  2. I really don't know, I'm sure we did fight it and request the CCA originally but I think they did register a CCJ and my wife set up a £10 standing order but now they are taking the mick!! Do we re-request the CCA or just write a letter saying my wife can't afford the extra payments and my income should not be taken into consideration as it's a sole debt or just ignore the letter?
  3. Sorry guys but been unable to reply my posts earlier in the week, it was for a Santander store card.
  4. Thanks for your quick response. No previous thread on this, definitely a default but we don't think there's a CCJ. She has a CCJ registered in 2012 but think that's for a different debt.
  5. My wife has been paying £10 per month to Restons for well over a year to clear a credit card debt with a current balance of approx. £1,500. Restons asked my wife to fill out a financial statement which she did on line, they have now increased the payments to £150!!! My wife is an agency worker with no guarantee of work so the fact they have increased the instalments is due to my income. Can they increase the monthly instalments based on my income when it's not my debt? Just to confirm Restons are acting on behalf of Arrow.
  6. I have had a Parking Charge Notice put on my car. I am going to appeal but do I appeal to Vinci now or wait until Vinci contact the DVLA and then write to me?
  7. No problem, thanks for the response. I have just emailed the local police station I received the notice so hopefully I will get a response.
  8. Just found this on the net, is it correct? According to The Civil Enforcement of Parking Contraventions General Regulations (2007), the following must be contained on a Penalty Charge Notice written out by a Civil Enforcement Officer: The date it is served. The name of the enforcement authority. The registration of the vehicle. The date and the time the alleged contravention occurred. Why the ticket has been issued. The amount of the penalty charge. That the penalty charge must be paid within 28 days. That if the penalty charge is paid within 14 days the fine wi
  9. Okay that makes sense then. If I request a court hearing what is the likelihood of it going to court? If I complete part 5 it doesn't ask why I am appealing.
  10. Thanks, sorry havent been on here for a while.
  11. Hi, I received a Fixed Penalty Notice for parking in a residents bay whillst I was loading/unloading my company car from a business address. The Police Officer said as he had already started writing out the ticket he could not cancel it. I have a few questions: I only received Parts 3(payment slip), 4(vehicle defects) and 5(court request), Is that correct? There is no details of my car on the notice, although I cant see where it could be written as there is only space for drivers details. if there is no car details on the notice how can they chase me/my company for payment? I
  12. Thanks for your response, I want to question the bailiff fees but did not know if I could once I had paid it. Now I know I can I have paid the full amount thanks to advice posted on here by people like yourself. Thanks again.
  13. I think you are missing the point here, I accept the fine but find £85 admin fee excessive for a £90 fine!
  14. I had points put on my licence also but my argument is paying the bailiffs!!
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