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  1. hi/ has anyone won against blackhorse, they seem to be hardcore, this is with the fla now , does anybody know how long they are supposed to keep the CCA for , they have lost mine and i think this is to my advantage , any thoughts thanks
  2. hi , getting nowhere with FLA they have asked me to give them some information on how the black horse broke its codes of conduct in this complaint , i could do with some help on the details of what to write , black horse or the FLA have still not aknowledged that because they have lost the credit aggreement how can they say i agreed to ppi , any help would be much appreciated thanks ps anybody with any advice please feel free to post
  3. hi/ thanks for helping, there is nothing in the S A R that mentions ppi do you know what i should be looking for,, they have offered no proof that i was sold PPI fairley only to say that i had a cooling off period shortly after the loan was agreed, if they cannot produce the CCA can i go back to them and argue that they have no proof that i was informed about PPI. THANKS
  4. hi , sorry the date the loan was taken out was 21/07/2002 thanks
  5. hi the ppi was with a loan , it was taken out 21/07/2008, i have also paid the loan in full but have an existing loan with them ,they have not returned the postal order for £1 sent for the CCA, they seem really confident that they can get out of paying me back because of the fact they were not a member of the GISC it makes my blood boil knowing they have had my money and will do anything to stop me getting it back, please could you help thanks
  6. hi / sent for ASAR , came back without credit agreement, sent for cca enclosed £1 no responce , i gave it to FOS they have replied that because BLACK HORSE were not a member of the GISC in 2002 they cannot take it on , FOS asked could i supply further info , but what else . other than where and when , BLACK HORSE also sent some internal paperwork saying they did not have the agreement to check, can anyone help seem to be at a dead end with this please thanks A S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) comes under the Data Protection Act and entitled the customer to obtain data any company holds on them. They can be selective in what they give you, and many would be none the wiser as to whether they have been given it all. Section 77 of the CCA is a legal request for a true copy of your credit agreement, this also must include the terms and conditions, and a statement of the account. Consumer Credit Act 1974 section 77 (1) (a) (b) © and 77 (2). If you submit a request for the CCA under this section you will have to submit a fee of £1.00. If a creditor fails to comply with subsection 1 they are not entitled to enforce the agreement and if the default continues for 1 month they are then committing an offence. If they do no produce the cca within one month they commit an offence Be aware this only applies to existing accounts and not accounts that have been closed. The cca request with £1.00 should get you the CCA within 14 days, this will then let you see the information you need to take things further. If you use this then they must produce the CCA within 14 days or the account can be put into dispute. Hope this helps out aa
  7. hj/ just got the S A R , back does not contain credit agreement , it states on their internal complaint form that thay have not got it , is this in my favour? my next is to go to the FOS or would you send another letter? nowhere in this bundle does it reference PPI.what should i be looking for? i have no idea how much PPI i paid, please can you help.
  8. hi/ the fos have replied , stating that the co op have offered a deal which is to pay me back all the ppi on all the loans which is great, however all the ppi owed would come off my present loan , unsure what to do, can they insist that it comes off the present loan? no figures have been mentioned but i reckon about five thousand is what they owe me . do you think i could split it , half to the loan ,half to be paid direct to me ? any body got any advice thanks
  9. hi / they have only sent me the rejection letter stating that i had 10 days cool off period and could have cancelled then . i am applying for the SAR with the second letter back to them. i dont understand what a needs statement is ? thanks for your help
  10. hi/ thanks for the advice when you ask if ihve had the final response letter, i got a refusal from my second letter telling me if i did not agree with their decision i should refer it to the ombudsman . they sent the leaflet also . is this a final response or is there more i should do, i have already refered it to the ombudsman. thanks
  11. hi/ sent a letter to black horse asking for my money back for ppi missold , stating that i did not know it was optional and that it was available elsewhere cheaper they then sent the standard refusal letter back , i am going to ask for SARs onthe loan, can anybody help me with the second letter,legislation quotes etc , i want to really beef it up and look like i know what i am talking about ? thanks
  12. hi/ i have recently put in a claim for misold ppi to the cooperative bank covering 5 loans from 2002 on the grounds that i was not aware that the insurance was optional, that could get it elsewhere cheaper, that it would be a positve in the loan being approved , i have had some sucess, the first letter they sent stated that even though they did not think the ppi on my present loan had been missold they would cancel it , give me 500 pound and drop my payments for my present loan i refused and asked them to look at it again, as the complaint was for 5 loans and i was missold the ppi on them also, they replied that under statute they have the right to refuse, any loss more than 3 years ago , the loans i had closed over 3 years ago, so i have given the complaint to the ombudsman, the offer of 500 pounds and reduced payments has been left open , has anybody any thoughts or advice? please
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