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  1. cheers mate, i've just written a letter to the manager. I've also written to my MP asking why the DVLA are giving my personal info to these companies.
  2. thanks for the help, i've already written to the co-op manager and he's basically sent me a letter saying he beleives the charges are proportionate and fair. Although I'm still not going to pay them.
  3. Hi, I have recently received a Parking Charge Notice from a company called Parking Eye for parking in a Co-op car park and have a few questions I hope someone can answer please. (the background info is I parked in a co-op car park at 7pm believing it to be a free car park, as all other car parks in my town are free in the evenings. As such I never looked for any signs and have since been sent a PCN). I have the following questions: 1) There are no signs facing the driver at the entrance to the car park, just a few signs on the walls within the car park on the outside wa
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