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  1. LOL!!!! Hmmm tempting! Now where would I pick me up one of those... ? Many many thanks for all replies. I'll be back tomorrow. Wee one gets up at 1am so need to grab some zzzz's before she gets up. Thanks again =)
  2. I have all the paperwork I just need to dig it out. As for proof I'm not sure. I don't remember receiving a letter saying that I had paid just demands for the remainder of the balance.
  3. They are not the brightest of folks.... LOL too true!!! It was with Equifax and no it is showing the original amount that was due. The £100 I paid them has not been taken off. 3 sold my debt to a company (I can't remember what they were called) and I paid them the money but it has not been taken off. Now I am presuming that that company have sold my debt again to HFO?? What a tangled web I weave!
  4. I have just checked my credit file (scary stuff!!) The debt is showing on there as defaulted in November 2006. So they can't add any charges on unless they take me to court? I've no intentions of speaking to them again! Rude beggars that they are! I will be sending them the letter re: telephone calls that someone kindly posted up there. I can't believe all this stress I'm going through is over £93!
  5. Hi I'm back =) I was at this address when the original mobile contract was taken out so why it has taken them so long to get in touch I don't know. Thank you for your kind words. I'm feeling a wee bit calmer now. Sorry but what does that mean?
  6. I cancelled the contract and had my last phone bill outstanding. I paid £100.00 to it and was left with the balance of £93.33. So much happened after that and I just forgot about it when I had more pressing debts to deal with (council tax arrears, rent arrears, gas arrears, electricity arrears) 4 years on and I get a letter from HFO Services.
  7. I'm attemping to get the wee one's to bed so if I don't reply I will be back later. Thank you for all the help you are giving me =)
  8. I don't ever remember signing for anything apart from the phone when it arrived. How would I go about a CCA then?
  9. Hi and thank you so much for replying. The account was taken out in 2004. I wasn't planning on speaking to them again in a hurry!! What nasty people they are! Thank you for helping me.
  10. Hi I'm new here so please be gentle. I got a letter from this lot a few days ago about an old debt I had with Hutchinsons 3G (£93.33) I phoned them and they got really horrible with me on the phone when I said I couldn't pay the amount in full due to a massive change in circumstances since that account was taken out (marriage broke up, on my own with two wee one's one of whom is disabled, not working at the moment etc etc) I asked to speak to the guy's supervisor and the supervisor listened to me for 2 minutes, never said a word, and passed me back to the first guy I had been speakin
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