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  1. my wife has been filling out a diary of all instances that have happened, she has been to the management many times to report things that have happened and has also shown them her diary but they seem like they dont want to know, i beieve shes on the verge of a nervous breakdown, what should i do once i have a copy of their grievence proceedure ? many thanks to all that help
  2. my wife works a nightshift for a nursing home, doing 3 days a week, there are 4 staff on each shift. she is having problems with one of the other staff on her shift where she is constantly being accused of doing things wrong she has not done. she also has remarks made to her as she is working with this woman and it seems to me as if this is victimisation. there is a manager on each shift and 3 staff, my wife being one of them. the woman that keeps accusing her of doing things wrong works nearly every day and does the same thing to other staff on other shifts, the woman in question goes above her manager straight to the owner of the company and complains. the nursing home has roughly 30 staff working for them and everybody is scared of this woman who keeps making false complaints, everyone including her manager agrees that my wife works very hard without doing anything wrong but the higher management keeps calling my wife in to the office and accuses her of things varying from doing washing duties wrong(which she does not) to this woman in question complaining that her car has been damaged by my wife. the owner of the company has now told my wife that she wants her to swap her shift to day shifts instead which she does not want to do. there are half a dozen people looking for other jobs because this woman in question gives them problems as well. sorry this a long post but does anyone know where my wife stands on being falsely accused of things and what i could say or write to the management and where she stands legally on this. this is really starting to get my wife down as she is on the verge of going to the doctors over it because of stress any help grateful
  3. did they give you much greif before or after you CCA'd them or did they just drop the debt.
  4. as far as i know there are no charges(i always pay on time), but this is crippling me every month and i am worried when it goes overlimit what will happen. i also bank with RBS i have had the credit card account since about 2001 with them.
  5. i have had an RBS card for years, 10K limit, i am upto 9.5k any trying to pay off extra every month, the min payment is around £220 and i always pay off between £30 and £50 extra but its still going up, in a few months it will be overlimit. it seems the payment protection along with the interest means i need to pay at least £70 extra every month just to break even. i was made redundant in 2006 and have had 2 different jobs since(never missed a payment or claimed off the PPI) my question is would they possibly stop the interest on the card if i phoned them ? any other ideas ? please help
  6. it was originally for an egg credit card in 2003
  7. thanks again for the support. i payed them the £40 this month but have also done a CCA request(not posted as of yet though), took the advice to pay them until the CCA request times out(could i drop the payment in the meantime ?) i have also took the comments of other people on this site about playing them up on the phone(last month they were ringing twice a day)until i said to them to take me to court as i have not missed or been late with a payment in 5 years(strange but they have not phoned in 2 weeks) when they do i will hit them with it(i.e not answering their security questions due to identity theft and data protection issues) i think i am going to have some fun with these morons instead of me being worried about it for the previous 5 years....... fantastic site well done to all mark
  8. once again thanks to all that are helping me, Dave i love your ongoing thread, gets better by the day, can they add charges if they say that i am not paying the increase they say i have agreed to ?? regards Mark
  9. many thanks all, just paid them there next £40, see what they do now, proberly another crappy letter and more phonecalls mark
  10. thanks everyone, all help grateful. but could they add charges though for not paying their ficticious £45 agreement. i will continue to pay £40. when i ask for the CCA, if they cannot produce one what should i do then ? stop payments or continue at £40 per month regards Mark
  11. so i will ask for a CCA, but do i continue to pay the £40 per month, or increase it to £45(against my better judgement) or stop paying altogether. any help grateful Mark
  12. as in one of my previous posts (3 days ago) moorcroft have increased my payments from £40 to £45 per month even though i have told them i cannot afford it ( they gave some BS about not replying as soon as i recieved there letter was an admission that i could afford to pay), i actually replied to them 3 weeks after i recieved it but before the next payment was due. i have been paying these idiots for 4 years for an existing egg card bill without ever being late on a payment or missing a payment. the question is could i ask them for a CCA or does that only apply if i had paid nothing to date, or any idea how to get these morons off my back Mark
  13. i got into financial difficulties in 2001 and after intervention by the C.A.B they offered £20 per month to cover my Egg credit card debt. this was passed to Moorcroft Debt collection agency of which i have been paying ever since (never missed or late with payment), i have increased the payment voluntarily myself to £40 per month to try to reduce the debt. i usually pay on the 1st of every month, then on the 2nd of the month i receive a letter from Moorcroft saying they are increasing it to £45 per month(this letter was dated the 28th of the previous month, i telephoned them a week or so later to say i could not afford the extra payment of which they have asked for to which they replied that i am already £5 in arrears and unless i pay they will hand over to there solicitors. where do i stand, i was made redundant and am recieving £5k less than my previous job, i simply cannot afford to pay any more pleas help Mark
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