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  1. My wife is classed as house manager. Safeguarding issues has been reported both verbally and written by her for issues she has seen previous. She said she will go and see the new employer tomorrow and explain what's going on to see what they say My wife would respond but is not exactly the best with computers. She said she can do if required but she finds it quicker for me to tell her all your responses and let me know the replies to post
  2. I am trying to answer the questions asked but not entirely sure what is being asked. I will answer the questions as simply as honestly as I can but sometimes I am trying to distinguish what the questions are
  3. No I don't believe she missed anything. The time when the haircutting was done was reported to head office verbally and an incident report was filled out. Like I said my wife was working outside and the other girl was working indoors. She came outside to ask a question that's when the client walked out. My wife says she should have checked the door when the second member of staff came into work an hour previous to the incident but this has never been done by anyone. If everyone had to check something as simple as closing a door or tieing shoelaces nothing would ever get done. There were no procedures to double check doors or double check anything apart from medication in place
  4. Unfortunately I believe this will end badly and affect her new job. All she wanted to do was hand her notice in and move on to her new company but I think this will no be at risk The problem is she has 30 years experience doing what she does and knows nothing else. The company she works at presently are rapidly going downhill and not doing basic things which any reputable employer should be doing. Paperwork required is not being done by other staff and after discussions between my wife and management highlighting many issues they have done nothing to improve this. This is the reason she looked for something else. My wife was run round doing everything as the other staff were not capable or qualified to do this. Basic things like doctors and drugs were all put on My wife as no-one else had the knowledge to Do It. I believe they got funny when she handed her notice in and that is why this flared up. Other things like keeping doors tied shut on night shifts and cutting clients hair completely off by another member of staff without the parents permission have all gone under the radar after my wife said about it in her meetings.
  5. The neighbours said that the client walked out of the house to the neighbours house. Was stopped by the neighbours wife and her husband came over to the open door called and walked in seeing my wife and the other member of staff at the rear patio doors. My wife was working in the garden clearing up rubbish bins etc blown over by the wind. The other member of staff was working in the bedroom sorting wardrobes and went out to ask my wife a question that's when the client walked out. The other member of staff was the last one through the faulty door and it obviously did not lock properly when she came through it. They seem to forget that sometimes there is only 1 member of staff on duty looking after 2 clients, sometimes 2 members of staff looking after the 2 clients. There has been no mention previous that if only 1 member of staff they are not allowed to go outside to do chores or washing on the line etc. Both my wife and the other girl said in the meeting the faulty door has been highlighted in meetings before and my wife took a photo of the same mention in the comms book highlighting this but has not told the management yet. But they still say it's neglect on my wife's part. The other girl on shift had a investigation meeting but had no discaplinary letter today in the post. Surely both members should face the same actions
  6. It was reported in numerous staff meetings by at least 2 people and written in the shift book of which my wife took a photo of. They themselves are not allowed to do anything maintenance wise whether it be try to fix a door or change a lightbulb. That's why it was mentioned in meetings
  7. Sorry I'm a little confused. So in the meeting she should mention the photo evidence ? And also hint she will take this further to a tribunal if they go down that route. She has worked there for 4 years this time but was there also about 7 or 8 years ago and left to go elsewhere but went back. They sent through a copy of letter from neighbour saying the door was open and my wife and the other member of staff were in the garden. Photos of text messages they sent to other staff asking if there was a fault with the door which they said no. A copy of the other girls statement which was on shift at the time where she said there was a issue with the door and this was mentioned previous in staff meetings. Looks like they are trying to make her a scapegoat my wife started shift at 7am and the other member of staff came in at 10.30 then at 11.30 was when the incident was brought to light. Obviously the other member of staff did not close the door properly Any advice on what to do in the meeting grateful
  8. She was signed off by the doctor for issues she has had for years regarding crumbling discs in her spine. She has had 2 operations previous and is waiting for her third. It's nothing stress related. The employer already knew about her ongoing issues with her back Would it be worth saying at the discaplinary she has photo evidence regarding the issue with the door in question which was written in the comms book or would she get in trouble for photographing official documents Regards
  9. Thank you for these words She had been interviewed for another job 3 days before any of this came to hand. Got offered the job on the spot in the interview on the Friday. Went and handed her notice in on the Monday morning then Got a call in the afternoon to attend a investigation meeting the next day, tuesday. Even the letter which was sent to our address arrived after she went to work on the day of the meeting so she had no chance to read it before the meeting. The day after the investigation meeting the office manager called and said they had a letter for a reference from the company that offered her the job the week previous and said she had to have my wife's permission to send them one. She is now worried that the job offer will be revoked and they may have said there was an investigation in progress. One of the questions my wife was asked on the previous Friday was if she had any discaplinarys or investigations in progress and obviously she said no because in 30 years if doing the job she has never had one. My wife has been signed off by the doctor sick since the meeting and is due to return to work 3 days before her notice end date, which is the day she has to have the discaplinary Thanks for all the help
  10. She has just had a letter come through saying she has a disciplinary meeting in a week. There were statements from the neighbour and other staff. The other staff said there was no issue with the door apart from one girl who was called into a meeting saying it had been reported before but everyone else said there were no issues My wife before she left work one day took a photo out of the comms book highlighting one instance that the faulty door was written down and as yet she has not told her employer this. She now believes they will dismiss her. She is not in a union to get represented either
  11. she as of yet still not received the report or heard anything else. Apparently someone else was called in for a meeting to discuss but they have also said it was the same as my wife was told
  12. She does not have a copy of the report but was told she will be sent a copy
  13. She went for her meeting for an investigation and the client walked outside the building through a door which has been reported to management as faulty and not latching, this was also pointed out in a comms book previous. My wife explained that if the door had of been repaired when notified the client would not have been able to open it and this meeting would not have been happening. At present she has not had any disaplinary and has been told to return to work as normal while the investigation is under way
  14. Half the reason my wife is leaving is because the the correct protocol for paperwork and the clients care is below standard. She has consistently asked staff to do paperwork etc properly and brought it up to management. My wife is the house leader and is highly respected by fellow carers and the clients parents. She has always had the care of the clients first and foremost in her mind and goes out of her way to make the clients happier. She is also the trainer for new staff and anything to Do with medication so her leaving will hit the company hard. Like I said she handed her notice in on the morning and got a phone call on the afternoon. All very peculiar but she's not in a union and not sure who to turn to
  15. Have found out it was as above something to do with a door not being closed. My wife and other colleagues have spoken to management and written in the comms book about the door not shutting properly and sticking previously . Will keep you updated. In a meeting now
  16. She has since found out that it is allegation that one of the girls she looks after walked out of the front door after another member of staff came into work to start her shift. The member if staff coming into work did not lock the front door. A neighbour saw the girl walk outside and stopped her then called into the house to say one of the clients had walked outside. My wife went Out to get the client and the neighbour then called the office to report the incident. The girls in the house have major learning difficulties with an mental age of 6 but are over 30 years old. The incident happened a week ago and nothing was said to my wife until today after she handed her notice into the office
  17. My wife is a carer working in a house looking after 2 disabled people. Over the last 6 months she has said that the company are hiring carers that have no experience, do not fill out the correct paperwork and do not do the day to day tasks they are required to do. She has brought this up previously many times with management but nothing has changed. My wife who has worked in the care industry for 27 years with glowing recommendations from everyone she has worked for decided enough is enough and got herself another job. She handed her notice in first thing this morning, 4 weeks notice and carried on with her day. This afternoon she has had a call from the office saying that she must attend a meeting tomorrow afternoon as she has been accused of neglect. My wife obviously is distraught as she has never done anything wrong ever and obviously thinks now they have accused her of this because she handed her notice in. She is on an all day shift 7am-9.30pm but i said to her surely if anyone is accused of neglect they would not be required to go to work with her clients in the morning and then go to a meeting at the office at 2.30pm. It all seems very strange. Any advice would be grateful. Thanks
  18. will find out off her. I have written a letter as you suggested with the full details of whats happened to her and said it will be brought up in court, social media and media sources. Dont think it will make much difference though but worth a try
  19. They issued her with a section 21 and that expired on the 4th of this month. She went into pay the rent on the 5th and they told her they were seeking a court order. She did pay a deposit in a prescribed deposit scheme, does she have to have the gas certificate or the estate agent ?
  20. My daughter got married approx 8 months ago, she a year previous started renting a house through an estate agents with her then to be husband. She got married but not long after he started to go to the booze then started sexually abusing her. Eventually after weeks of abuse my daughter kicked him out. She kept quiet to myself and my wife but one day approx 4 weeks after she kicked him out mentioned it to my wife what he had been doing. My wife told me and i straight away went to the police. He was arrested and interviewed then a long process by the police of interviewing family, his and ours, confiscating mobile phones for evidence etc. During this time my daughter told him she never wanted him back and he then went into the estate agents and took his name off the tenancy. My daughter was then issued with an eviction notice from the estate agents. She has continued to pay the rent with the help of DHS and has never been late paying the rent She has been to the council and they have told her that if she moves out she will be making herself homeless and will not help her finding a property. This was 3 months ago and the final date on the estate agents eviction notice has passed and she went into pay her rent as normal and was told they are now seeking a court order to evict her. Can she be evicted for doing nothing wrong ? she has kept the house immaculate, paid the rent without fail and was the victim of an abusive husband who took his name off the tenancy. Where would she stand when this goes to court, she has 2 young children and is petrified she will be on the streets for xmas.
  21. It was a Rbs credit card from 2012. Rbs passed it to shoosmiths for collection. I went down the unenforceable route but they provided a valid coca so was advised to make payment terms with them
  22. I have just had an offer of PPI reclaim from Rbs. I previously had an Rbs credit card and got into financial difficulties which was passed eventually to shoosmiths. I have been paying the amount agreed with Shoosmiths for 5 years now but my question is do shoosmoths usually buy the debts or just act as agents for the banks. I am aware that if only agents Rbs will offset the PPI against the debt but not sure what happens if the debt has been sold on to shoosmiths
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