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  1. She left on the 15th and get a paid last day of the month. They paid her remaining holiday pay but did not pay 3 weeks ssp as she has been ill and off work
  2. by giving them 14 days it gets paid when they said it will, the 15th, surely thats not reasonable ?
  3. My wife handed in her notice and was expecting her last wages on Friday but they have only paid her holiday pay. She was also due 3 weeks ssp which was not paid When she phoned her ex employer they said they would try to pay her by the 15th of this month. 2 and a half weeks later. Surely this can't be right and is not reasonable to wait this long. There is a likeyhood that she will incur bank charges over this Any advice ?
  4. An update to the disciplinary meeting yesterday. in the letter she received saying she had to attend the disciplinary yesterday it said she had to ring and confirm that she would be attending and she had the right to bring another employee of the company or a trade union rep. She phoned and spoke to the office manager who was present in the first investigation meeting and took notes and said she would attending and asked if she could accompany her to the meeting to either take notes or be the accompanying person as she seemed to do a decent job with the minutes of the first meetin
  5. Many thanks Will do. The job offer at present been put on hold awaiting the outcome of the discaplinary meeting. He has had all references back, 4 of them and CRB checks being done which will be fine but because the employer she is with at present said on the reference she is under investigation it has been put on hold
  6. Yes she saw the letter many times as I adjusted things. She has a copy and also also agreed when I said about sending it. She was the one who posted it
  7. Also added to the letter that any blame on her part will be appealled. Apologies once again
  8. I appreciate all advice I'm given it just annoys me that they are doing what they are doing. I don't understand how it can make things worse as she is leaving 3 days after the meeting anyway and it's obvious their intention is to dismiss her. All that was put in it was about being outside and she was not the last person through the door. How can they blame her I will not correspond with them anymore and see what happens. They have asked in the letter that arrived if my wife wants the letter I sent in her discaplinarys meeting or not I'm assuming by the advice above it would not b
  9. I wrote to the company saying I believed they were wrong and highlighting my wife's points again ie working elsewhere. Somebody in the house etc and my wife had a response this morning saying they had received my letter but could not reply to me due to data protection. Did we want it added to the discaplinarys hearing or not
  10. Thanks. Will let you all know what happens on the 9th
  11. Yes noted but it's obvious that the member of staff that came into work an hour earlier left the door unmatched and the thing they are making a big thing of They were not supervised. One woman working inside and my wife informed her she was clearing the paths outside. The member of staff inside then went to the patio to ask my wife something when the client walked out. Surely that's not my wife's fault ?
  12. With regards to the photo of what was written in the comms book regarding the door. Is it lawfull ? This was a grey area when she got the photo. It's a journal of day to day issues at the property. No name are on it and it only highlights an issue with the door but not sure
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