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  1. Many thanks again IdaInFife, you need to know where you stand:( Under the circumstances I doubt we would have much comeback from the bank, it was a joint account, we are however annoyed at hubbys IP, who did not inform the bank about the PTD until 11 months after it was set up, therefore bank passed this on to DCA long before that, we ignored letters due to total ignorance about the situation and here we are another 9 months down the line with another DCA chasing us:( C'est la vie, but your help as always is invaluable, have a nice day;)
  2. Thank you again- for the sake of clarity-does this mean that I now have to deal with the entire amount with the DCA that currently owns the debt? Hate to sound thick, but need to keep myself right! Many thanks again:)
  3. Hi IdaInFife, I sent a template letter from CAG, think it put the debt into dispute, with regards to amount of bank charges on the overdraft, received a letter asking us to withdraw action, then nothing for a while, until new DCA took over the account. We were originally dealing with DEbt Managers, who seem to have sold it onto Wescot, many thanks again:)
  4. Hi, I posted a while ago about a joint overdraft ( hubby in trust deed) and did the paperwork for dispute. Now getting letters in from new DCA, the old one must have given up and sold it on. Are they allowed to do this? Does this mean I have to send new DCA paperwork as well? Many thanks;)
  5. Hi again, new letter today asking for payment again, at the bottom in capitals "PLEASE WITHDRAW ACTION". I think not?
  6. Hi again;) For info sake, hubbys TD has been running one year. The vast majority of debts were Credit Card, approx 30K. Through the grapevine, it seems a possibility his trustee will be trying to treat these debts as unenforceable etc. Is there anything to stop US going down the same :Droute, even though TD is up and running? Many thanks again
  7. Many thanks, will get this done asap, thank goodness I found those statements, keep up the great work guys:D
  8. Hi again! Have retreived some old overdraft statements, which clearly show charges from bank at an average of £50 per month. As stated before, this is joint account and my hubby has trust deed, so debt collectors are trying me for the whole lot. Is there anything I can do about the charges that have been included in this amount? Please note, no offers have been made to debt company at this date, in fact due to circumstances a LILA bankruptcy is looking very appealing at the moment! Many thanks:smile:
  9. Many thanks again-perfect-I know where I stand, which is most necessary!
  10. many thanks for your reply, I have no idea where to start as this was an account we had for a lot of years, and when I queried the assistant at abbey today about charges on the account, she shut up shop and said they had no details of my account as it was closed. She told me to contact Debt collection agency for a copy. i have seen the term cca used on here quite frequently and wondered if there is anything I can do to delay any payment on this account for the time being (preferably till after xmas!) many thanks again
  11. Hi Guys, we had a joint a/c with the Abbey, overdraft approx 2K, husband signed TD last year, now debt collectors coming after me Contacted Abbey to get a run down of the alleged debt, said they have closed the account and no longer have the details:confused: Be grateful if anybody with this type of knowledge could give us a few pointers as to legalitys of the whole thing. Many thanks:p
  12. Hi there-we live in Scotland and are currently going through the Trust Deed process. However, RMA are calling us on behalf of MBNA relentlessly, and now calling my husband at his work everyday. Have phoned both RMA and MBNA and told them in no uncertain terms that this was unacceptable, called ICO today as well, as thing MBNA had no business passing work phone numbers over to a third party without our permission. They were quite understanding actually, and didn't seem too impressed by this tactic, said something along the lines of, if we are still dealing (paying) MBNA then they shouldn't be involving 3rd parties etc. Am sure I read on here somewhere that we can tell them to communicate by letter only? Is this true? Would be grateful for any advice, debt is enough hassle in itself, without pointless harrassment ( and downright cheek from some of them!) Thanks for any replies ( ps promise to donate next time I've credit in my paypal account:)
  13. Hi and thanks so much for all your advice. Our total c/c's comes to about £45k (all unsecured) and we have an unsecured loan currently approx£12. There is no equity left in the house, as we used it earlier on this year to pay off 1st plus:mad: ( 20K debt, paid £10 into it over 5 years and had to repay balance of just over £20k, so annoying, but was secured debt and we didn't appreciate what we had done, when we did it, so to speak) We have both got to the stage where credit rating is no longer important, and must admit the Trust deed looks like a credible answer to our problems. If we did this, and it was all signed and sealed etc. at least we can say that 3 years down the line we can start again ( ps don't mean rack up any more debts!) I'd like to think we have learnt our lesson. Again, many thanks for your encouraging reply and hope all is good with you and yours:wink:
  14. Hi there, have had card maybe 7-8 years, and yes we are paying the minimum every month.We have transferred balances from it before, at various/numerous times since we've had it. Thankyou for your reply, if there is anything else please let me know:smile:
  15. Hi all! First off, in mess of debt! Worst problem is marbles c/c, with balance of £14.5k. Anyone who has this c/c will probably be aware that repayments went up by 1/2% in January, and they are now also putting up the interest rate again, this is crippling our finances to the tune of £360 per month -if we didn't have it, we could just about break even each month. I am now waiting to receive a phonecall from Moneytalk scotland and wondered if anyone knows anything about this company or have used them at all? Have been robbing peter to pay paul for so long, and now all credit applications are being refused ( tried to transfer balance of marbles onto a fixed payment loan) Basically a complete financial mess, and unsure of best way to deal with it all. Have no late payments on any of our finances, but push is coming to shove and I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me what would happen if we simply stopped paying the marcles c/c? Does it go to a debt collector? Thanks in advance for any help received .
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