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  1. That's great, thanks. Just wanted to make the point that despite paying them money on a regular basis, they have failed to provide me with any acknowledgement of these payments. I shall modify the letter to take out these details, Thanks for your help and support with this! Laura x
  2. Hi, The PPI was with my Egg credit card account, opened in July 2002. I was paying around £69 per month when this account was up to it's limit (fairly soon after opening account) So I would estimate that I have paid around £3600 in PPI in the last 6 years. I do not recall signing anything for this account authorising these payments and do not seem to have the credit agreement for this credit card. Being young and foolish at the time I assumed that this was a requirement of holding a credit card account! I have written to Egg asking for my statements for the last 6 years so when received will have a better idea of how much I have paid for this. Any advice appreciated! Laura
  3. Hi, Could someone please take a quick look at the below letter I am about to send to BC. Have I included anything that is not required or missed anything important out. Any feedback gratefully received, Cheers!! Carter Letter to check.pdf
  4. A few months ago I realised I was paying PPI on my Egg Credit Card (balance £7300) When I realised that my minimum monthly payment was only covering this and interest I immediately cancelled policy. Now I see that there is a possibility of reclaiming this. can anyone advise how best to go about this? I have already asked for all statements from Egg in order to claim back other charges. I paid PPI on my account for at least 5 years so the total amount should clear most of my current outstanding balance if I were to win this claim. Any Advice appreciated!
  5. That's great, thanks I shall let you know how I get on!
  6. I have been looking through past statements from my Egg credit Card. I have a large number of overlimit/failed DD charges for at least £16. Can any one offer any advise on reclaiming these charges. I am aware that it has been ruled that £12 is a fair charge, however do I have a case for reclaiming some/all of these charges, particularly as this is an internet only account and Egg have never sent any correspondance through the post. Any previous experience of this would be welcomed
  7. Thanks again, I wish I had known about this site 6 months ago, it would have avoided a lot of sleepless nights and grey hairs! I will keep you updated as to how I get on
  8. Don't worry, letter is going in the post today!! Would they still be able to CCJ me inspite of the fact that I have made payments by DD every month for the past 6 months in accordance with the agreement made with them? I am not planning on cancelling the DD until they have failed to comply with my request
  9. Thanks Guys for the advise and support. I have contacted BC today to find out how much I owe and was informed that they would accept £2500 now as opposed to the £3500 they are stating that I owe. I am now going to go down the CCA request route and see where this takes me, I have had too many sleepless nights as a result of BC and other DCA's involved in this issue, it is nice to finally feel empowered to be able to take a stand. Thanks again, and I shall let you know how I get on!!
  10. Am new to any help/advice will be appreciated. Like so many of us on here, I have got myself into financial difficulties over the past few years. I have managed to keep up all payments with creditors with the exception of one £4300 debt with Mint/RBS. This was passed through various debt collection agencies and I made payments of at least £100 where I could, however a year after I first defaulted on this credit agreement the debt was passed via Fredrickson International to Brian Carter Solicitors in Weybridge. The previous debt collection agencies did not accept my offers of payments even though they were higher than my orginal minimum payment on the credit card,however perhaps stupidly I made Brian Carter an offer of £150 per month, which they have accepted and I have been paying by direct debit for the past 5 months. Unfortunately my circumstances have since changed and I can no longer afford such an amount each month and run the risk of defaulting on other credit agreements which so far I have managed to avoid. I do not want to cancel this direct debit however as I am concerned that they will obtain a CCJ against me. Having read posts on this forum it would seem that I was perhaps a little hasty in setting up a direct debit to this company. How would you recommend I go about dealing with this company? I can only really afford to pay £50 per month on this debt. Does anyone have any advice for me?
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