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  1. Hi! Can anyone assist with this. I have now received a letter from a Collection Company on behalf of Arrow Global...Should I be concerned? Regards Laura
  2. Hi Manc, This sounds identical to my situation with Mint. Passed to Bryan Carter, CCA'd September 2008 and everything went until this month when I received a NOA from RBS to Arrow Global and a Notice of Debt Collection from Wescot. Am not sure what to do now, CCA Westcot or just ignore them. Am playing for the Statute Barred as the original default was 6 years ago next February. Will watch your thread with interest!
  3. I was interested in your thread as I too received a notice of Assignment from RBS to Arrow Global and noticed the similarities between the envelopes and letters (we're not as stupid as they seem to think!) However looking further into Arrow Global their website states "Arrow Global is majority owned by the RBS Special Opportunities Fund, which has extensive experience investing in UK financial services" This implies that Arrow Global are a part of RBS as I believe are Halifax. I am not sure what implication this has regarding the legitimacy of their claims, but this information may be of use. Regards Laura
  4. I need some advice please regarding a £3,223 debt to RBS/Mint. The last I heard regarding this matter was in September 2008, as a result of help from yourselves with dealing with Bryan Carter who was chasing this matter. Details on below thread; http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?153836-Brian-Carter-Solicitors-Advice-Please Within the last week however I have received 3 letters sent to my parents address; 1/ From RBS Stating that this debt has been assigned to Arrow Global, Guernsey who are now the legal owners 2/ A notice of Assignment from Arrow Global 3/ A notice of debt collection from Wescot I find this strange having not heard anything about this matter for 2 and a half years, also the RBS letter is identical in format to the Arrow Global Letter which makes me thinks that the letter came from them and not actually RBS. Does anybody have any experience of this, or advise on how I should deal with this matter. After BC were unable to provide a signed CCA, I sent them a letter stating the account was in dispute and didn't hear anything for over 2 years. Do I have to start again with the CCA letters etc? Any advice greatfully received! Laura
  5. Hi All, I am back for some help again! The full story to now can be read on the below thread; http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?153836-Brian-Carter-Solicitors-Advice-Please Total amount £3,223.58 With your advice, I managed to put Bryan Carter and his friends in their place and after they were unable to provide me with a CCA for this debt, I have heard nothing from anyone since September 2008. Within the last few days however I have received 3 letters which were sent to my parents house. 1/ From RBS stating that they had assigned this debt to Arrow Global Guernsey Ltd 2/ From Arrow Global stating that they had been assigned this debt by RBS 3/ A debt collection letter from Wescot demanding that I contact them immediately or face further action. I find this strange having not heard anything for 2 and a half years, however I am concerned that as I was contacted directly by RBS that this collection is legitimate. Can somebody please assist me with some advise on the next step? Many Thanks Laura
  6. Hi, Am looking for some advice here as am beginning to get a little frustrated with a situation that has developed. Earlier this year I cancelled my membership to Virgin Active gym. I was on a month by month contract and the only stipulation was that I had to give a months notice if I wanted to leave. I wrote a letter to Virgin Active giving a months notice, paid by direct debit as normal and then the following month cancelled the direct debit. Virgin Active are stating that they never received this letter and I am now being chased for 3 months worth of gym membership - £150. This case was passed by VA to ARC who have been hounding me for months. I have written to them stating that I do not acknowledge this debt and asking for a copy of the agreement I signed with VA. To this day nothing has been forthcoming. This "debt" has now been passed to Scotcall who are threatening to come to my house to collect this money. As this was gym membership and no "credit" was involved do the CCA laws apply? Basically it is my word against Virgin Active. I maintain that I have acted within the guidelines of the agreement I signed with them, they state that I have not. Does anyone have any advise on how I should deal with Scotcall? If this ends up in court, could this affect my credit rating even though there was no actual credit involved? Please help!!!!!
  7. So, I sent the above letter to BC on the 1st September and it was signed for the following day. However I today received "letter before action" letter stating that I am in breech of my agreement with them and they are now going to take further action to reclaim the balance owed. Unsurprisingly no reference has been made with regards to the CCA request that they are in default of. Should I write to them again??
  8. I have today received a letter from Trevor Munn Solicitors acting on behalf of ARC stating that they are preparing documentation for the issue of a claim in Northampton County Court. It is only two weeks since I queried this debt with Virgin Active - I have never known a DCA to act so fast to take a debt to court. I cannot believe it, these guys are criminals. Any advice would be greatfully received, should I let this go to court and defend or just pay the amount owed and be done with it? I have already disputed this debt so not sure that they should have passed it to a Solicitors immediately. Please help!!
  9. I took the loan out in my first term at university (sept 1998) and received payments until the end of my course in 2001. I have never been sent any forms for repayment until now so have never acknowledged or deferred this debt. Trawling through posts on the topic I can see that lans taken out until '98 were covered under the 1974 Credit Act, but the year I started uni was the first year of tuition fees and the new type of student loans and I cannot find a lot of info regarding these types of loans
  10. Just looking for a bit more advice really. I have a debt with the student loans company for around £6000. My account with them was started in 1998 and the last time I borrowed money from them was April 2000 Over the years I have never been chased for payment have just been sent an annual statement and nothing else. I think this is because they recorded my NI number incorrectly at the time I took the loan out so if they check my earnings this will show as 0. I have recently however received a letter from them asking for a statement of earnings in order to start paying this back. I do not deny that I borrowed this money 10 years ago, but can they enforce payment after this long? I have never acknowledged the debt, made a single payment and it does not show on my credit report. Thoughts please!! L
  11. Thanks for that Credit Card Mug - awesome letter. I shall make some amenments and it shall be winging it's way to BC (by recorded delivery naturally) by tomorrow! I shall advise how I get on!
  12. My next direct debit is due out at the end of this week. I really do not want to nor can afford to pay these people another £150. Credit Agreement still unforthcoming from BC, so do I need to write to them to state that they are in default of my request or should I just cancel the DD. Really do not want them to CCJ me so would like some clear guidelines on how to handle this one!!
  13. So, it is now 20 working days since my letter was signed for by BC and they have sent me a statement of account, confirming that I have been making monthly payments of £150 but no signed agreement. What would you suggest my next course of action should be with this?
  14. I don't know!! I am yet to respond to their letter. I was thinking about contacting Watchdog or another consumer programme as I want to expose this company for the criminals they are! Still not sure what to do though. Very frustrating indeed
  15. Hi, I have now received my statements from Egg and have calculated the PPI on this account since 2002 at £3200. Just looking at one of the links from your thread, it seems one can only claim back PPI on accounts opened after 2005. Is this the case as if so I will quit here as this account was opened in 2002. Thanks Laura
  16. The next payment is not due until 5th September which is 22 working days after they received the CCA letter. I was thinking perhaps though to prove that I am being reasonable about this to keep the DD active for the next payment, I will then have paid them £1000 in 6 months, far more I am sure than they bought the £4000 debt for. I am also currently looking into charges on this account and they amount to over £3000 which would leave about £1000 that I actually owe. I have no issues paying this debt, but I do not want to pay it to a DCA who has done nothing but harass me since I first got into financial difficulties. Laura x
  17. I have now received a response from VA stating that it was my responsibility to ensure that they received and processed my cancellation and thus the £180 outstanding still stands. They very kindly stated that if I was to pay them directly the DCA £30 fee would be waived. I am so angry, it seems so unfair that although I did everything I thought was neccessary they are insisting on enforcing this debt. Does anyone have any advise for me on this one? Should I just give in and pay them or should I fight on and see where it gets me. Surely this is not a credit agreement, so would any court action that may come out of this appear on my credit record? (Something that I am currently trying to rebuild!) Please help! Laura
  18. A quick update on this. I yesterday received a copy of a statement from BC however no Credit agreement is yet to be forthcoming. They now have 6 working days to provide this info. Do you suggest that if this information does not arrive I cancel my direct debit with BC for £150 a month or do I need to send a follow up later to state my intentions?
  19. As a tattoo artist I thought I'd jump on this one... Hemaroid cream, savlon, baby oil etc used as tattoo aftercare are not a good idea, they do not allow the wound to heal and can damage the colouring in the tattoo. I HIGHLY recommend Bepanthen. It is a nappy rash cream and can be purchase in most supermarkets and chemists. Use sparingly but regularly. This will vastly increase the healing time (in my experience by about half) and will leave you with a tattoo you can be proud of for the rest of your life!!
  20. Still no response from BC but noted from my bank statements that they have cashed my £1 cheque! I now wish to send a SAR request, however does this need to be to the original creditor ie Mint or can this be done through BC? I was burgled last year and lost all paperwork from Mint so have no account references from them in order to request my details. If I can do this through Bryan Carter then all the better. Any thoughts appreciated on this L x
  21. Hi Concernedarc, I only sent the letter at the beginning of this week and am yet to receive a response. I will post their reply as soon as it is received Laura
  22. I have already send a letter to the gym, cc'd to the DCA - recorded delivery this time! Stating that I am disputing this claim, explaining the circumstances and that I intend to challenge this claim as far as they wish to take it. We shall see what occurs!
  23. No, my cancellation letter wasn't sent recorded - my mistake I guess.
  24. Hi, Looking for some advice on how to deal with these fraudsters. I signed up for to Virgin Active health club in january of this year. As I knew I was going to be moving from the area I joined on a month-by-month contract as opposed to signing up for 12 months. In April, I sent them a letter stating I wished to cancel my contract and giving one months notice. I then called the club to check that they had received my letter and was told that they would check and call me back if they had not received anything. Having not received a call back I cancelled my direct debit a month later. The following month I was sent a letter by Virgin Active stating that I owed them money. Assuming that this was an administration error I did not respond to this. It would appear however now that they have passed this to ARC Credit Management who are demanding 3 months payment and £30 in fees, amounting to £180. They inform me that they will pass this onto solicitors if I fail to pay within 10 days. I contacted VA last week who informed me that they had not received my letter and that it was my responsibility to check that the cancellation had been received. As far as I am concerned I have acted as I should in this matter and do not feel that I am liable for this debt. Does anyone have any advice for me on this matter? Laura
  25. I have no idea. The Direct Debit payments that I make are to Brian Carter & Co. However if I log into my statement via their online service then it is the Fredrickson Internation site www.fredpay.com that I use to access my account. I am unsure of the implications of this however
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