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  1. Hi all sorry I haven't posted in a while, been busy and stressed! Husband had the n244 hearing today and he can't quite recall the exact wording but the writ was stayed and the claimants awarded £1 per month token payments so good news. However we didn't get the n245 in until a week ago due to finances and awaiting cb evidence. It came back to us today with a slight error on the ex160 that is easily recified. Do we still need to submit the n245 though if the judge today has ruled £1 a month payments?
  2. Thanks. Yes we informed the hceo of the stay. So we really can't just take the n245 to the local court? I've read on lots of (less reliable) sites to take it to a local court? It will be sent 1st class recorded in the morning to northants in that case. To claim fees back from northants if we are posting the n245, do we have to go in person? We got the suspension of writ letter today and a confirmed court date. I'm assuming I need to take time off work for it as they won't want a 3 yr old disrupting the hearing! thanks again for everyone's help
  3. Sorry I haven't been back on, busy sorting stuff / working and sleeping after 3 nights of no sleep! I have a few more questions and I apologize for my wittering on in advance! 1. Most importantly, what happens now with the stay of execution? OH rang the court late yesterday and was told the writ had been stayed, details would be in the post and there would be a hearing around the 16th september. What does the hearing entail? Is the HCEO still likely to visit until they get the paper work? We have remained vigilant anyway but the closed windows are getting stifling! Can the creditor apply again for a writ of fifa and how soon? We are about to submit an N245 but see my next points. 2. At the court OH was told that evidence for our EX160 was unacceptable because he didn't have my august pay slip (I now have it), bank statements didn't include current month (I'll print them off from the internet) and we don't have a current child benefit award notice. Child benefit send notices when a child is born and not again, which I have confirmed online and by phone. The rely on housing benefit claims etc to be accepted by bank statement but it seems the court won't - is this normal? CB have promised I can have a letter proving the current amount but it could take up to 2 weeks. Of course we could just pay the fees for the N245 (we already paid them for N244 obviously) but the reason we are in this mess is because we are skint! Is it urgent to get the N245 in or could we wait? Or try again with just bank statements hoping it was a clerk who didn't know better? Incidentally OH also showed a current housing benefit notice that also detailed our child benefit payments, and various other paperwork from the child benefit office, the only thing we are missing is the latest award notice I got when my son was born 3.5 years ago. The clerk insisted we need something from this year 3. I'm reading conflicting advice about where to send / take the N245. Now we have the stay of execution could we not just use the local court again to physically take the form in rather than drive to northampton? Obviously we could post it to Northampton but I don't trust the mail much and if by any chance the CB letter arrives soon we would rather take it with EX160 and also claim back the fees from the N244. This relates back to question 1 - how long should we wait? Sorry I know I'm a pest but thanks again to everyone who has helped - it was nice to be able to get some sleep now but obviously I realise this isn't over yet
  4. Well I was worried about the car but the writ has been stayed! thanks everyone who helped, we are utterly relieved. I have a few more problems I need to query re the ex160 and n245 but busy with kids tea etc for now so will pop back later. Thanks again from one very happy and relieved mum!
  5. Do I need to write the form N244 out 3 times or will a photocopy be okay? Husband can sign each one separately if need be obviously.
  6. We ceased trading in september 2011. The CCJ is from May this year, but husband took out the rental agreement in just his name. We are currently preparing (and saving) to dissolve the partnership via bankruptcy. It was just the two of us and we had no formal agreement regarding debt. We are married and treat each others debts and income as joint.
  7. Thank you. I'm just gathering all the evidence for the fee remission, got everything but the child benefit statement. Hopefully that will turn up or we will have to use bank ststements / housing benefit statement to prove it. I'm still not sure what to put on the N244
  8. Also I'm still unsure whether we can do this at our local court but I guess they will tell us if it's possible if we phone?
  9. Stay of execution. the hceo fees are just under £900 on a £2900 approx ccj. I'm really worried about the garage.It's not technically connected to the house but to the conservatory. There is a door between the two but we have never had a key so I'll go and buy a new lock tomorrow. Would that count as a separate building? Our 2nd car is in there but hopefully it will go to a friends tomorrow. If they break in there can they then break into the house through the connecting door?
  10. Is there a template anywhere of what to put on the N244 - I don't have a clue what to do, hopefully I can fill it in tonight after the kids have gone to bed.
  11. this is the letter I've just realised it says they will come up until 10pm - is that right? I have children who will be in bed!
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