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  1. its a firm of solicitors and they would try any nasty thing i am sure. what will the court do with the papers that were sent back?
  2. ok have got him to return docs to sender. what should he be looking out for now?
  3. yes i have but ex is worried that bailifs will appear on the doorstep as mine name is on the property at the land registry.
  4. My ex has just recieved court papers for a debt that I allegedly owe in the UK. I left the UK last year but still have a small amount of equity jointly in a property in England. I have not recieved the papers yet but what should I get ex to do? return them to the sender with unknown at this address? or mail them to me? i think mailing them to me would take longer than the 14 days allowed to reply to the claim. what do i do to show that i am not resident in the country? I have been back recently for 6 weeks access visit but do not live in the UK now.
  5. aha, thankfully not born in this country so that will never appear.
  6. can i ask what publicly available information they are using that shows both your and your mothers maiden name? where is this onformtaion from?
  7. could we have a link to this C01 form please as i would like to send one in.
  8. don't worry i shall definately be going home early, but not sure about turning up to work early as the keyholder will probably not be up at that hour.
  9. our contract states usual working hours but that we may from time to time be asked to work outside those hours. which we do quite a lot but do not get paid extra for that or overtime in most cases. i am not quite sure how that fits in with the contract.
  10. does the 11 hour minimum rest period apply when attending a work christmas function? we have to attend the function if possible and it officialy ends at 12:30am in the morning. normally we would be at work at 8:30 am. does the WTD apply to these functions? can we expect to start no earlier than 11:30am the next day? managmenet have organised the party for a weeknight.
  11. I am reading the GMC guidlines on this and cannot see how they had the authority to do what they did. Disclosures to statutory regulatory bodies 21. Patient records or other patient information may be needed by a statutory regulatory body for investigation into a health professional’s fitness to practise. If you are referring concerns about a health professional to a regulatory body, you must seek the patient’s consent before disclosing identifiable information, wherever that is practicable. Where patients withhold consent or it is not practicable to seek their consent, you should contact the GMC, or other appropriate regulatory body, which will advise you on whether the disclosure of identifiable information would be justified in the public interest or for the protection of other patients3. Wherever practicable you should discuss this with the patient. There may be exceptional cases where, even though the patient objects, disclosure is justified.
  12. I had a an operation at a private hospital in London a couple of years ago. No complaint from me as everything was fine although I don't like operations or hospitals so just got on with getting better and going home. A month or so ago I get a letter from a solicitor saying they are acting for one of the doctors in a fitnes to practice hearing with the GMC. In talking to them it appears the the GMC obtained all my records without me knowing and have been able to give them out to all legal teams with all my personal data intact. no attempt made whatsoever at annonomysing it or to ask me if its ok. Having read the info on the GMC website about patient confidentiality I am rather shocked considering now that a lot of GMC stuff is available on the web. Confidentiality: Protecting and Providing Information having such a rare name someone coming across it would not find it hard to figure out it was me. I am quite shocked that the GMC would so blatantly disregard its own guidlines and still further shocked that no one including the hospital bothered to let me know. Not sure wher to take it from here.
  13. I have been told that I must make payments via DCA website. When I go to this site their is nothing mentioned about security and I cannot see they that implement any security on their site at all. their is no privacy or security policy. why can i not have an account number and pay into this from my banks website which i deem more secure.
  14. i m not disputing any proceedures carried out its the fact that i could not get any information that their was a problem at the time and my requests to be moved to a public hospital got me knowwhere while i was being assured that everything was ok.
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