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  1. I moved to Natwest a while ago anyway, so I could pay off the over draft and get away from them. So not worried. They will have to wait to be paid off, I have an agreed payment plan. Purplejue
  2. Good luck and keep on in there!!! It is sooooo worth it. Been and booked a holiday today. The rest will be on debts....
  3. I most certainly do recycle!!! But not cheques!!! HE HE HE!!! Thanks for your advice Caro. xxxxxxx
  4. Hi , Many thanks for all the replies. A&L have sent me a cheque....Settled in full....HURRAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Cheque arrived today...saturday. Many thanks to all here and for the use of the templates. Donation will follow. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. Hi Mumof...... Youngnfree is right, read around the boards, they have been of great help to me.... Thanks all!! I have put a claim in through MCOL, I have received the acknowledgement today, they have 28 days. Reading round it looks like they wait till the last minute then pay out, but won't accept liability.... I can't wait for my cheque!!! Good luck!
  6. New update!!! Have received the Ahknowledgement of Service. A&L have ticked that they will be defending. Do they usually do this??? How long have others waited before they have the cheque in their hands??? Do A&L usually pay out with a cheque, or will they put it into my account???? Have also sent DPA letters to MBNA and Lloyds TSB for the charges on credit cards.
  7. Hi Caro, Thanks. You are right, I am getting carried away. Thanks for the reigns! Just wanted to be sure I am orgainsed. I have read all the FAQs and step by step..... got over excited!!!! Update, I have updated my spread sheet , now £4961.00 with interest.
  8. Here is the update. A&L will considered as being issued with court details on 7th Nov. They have till 21st Nov to acknowledge. My court bundle is almost ready. Does anyone know if I am allowed to print some of the discussion boards which show people who A&L have paid out to. Obviously it is all confidential, but may add some weight to the court proceddings if necessary.
  9. Hiya, It took A&L a while to send me my statements. They arrived very close to the deadline. Good luck with your claim. I have just sent the court stuff in and am now waiting!!! Good Luck!
  10. Hi All, I did start a thread in another forum. (A&L and me!!!! Wish me luck!!) Here is my update. I sent the LBA 14 days ago tomorrow. Last week they sent me a we have done nothing wrong.......the OFT has made no ruling about current accounts....sorry we cannot help you.....Blah Blah!!!! I have just sent my MCOL. Worth £120.00. I am nervous yet excited about this. My claim is for £3965.93 incl 8% interest.... I can't wait. This website has really helped me. Fingers crossed. Purplejue
  11. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I am posting my LBA tomorrow. Well done!
  12. Thanks! Just worked out what they owe me...... £3,943.99 across 2 current accounts. Need double luck now. Will keep all posted. Have got the LBA letter all ready to go in 14 days.
  13. Hi All, Just about to send my first letter to A&L. Wish me luck!!
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