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  1. Why is a bank transfer suspicious in a private sale, which are usually cash-based anyway? But yes, I'd go for a LBA
  2. Yep - luckily, in the 6 years since this happened, I've just about managed to let it go, haha! I remember how irritating it was getting fobbed off over this (not talking specifically about this thread) as people couldn't see that it was official and useful functionality that was removed, not some hack.
  3. Aaaaannnd ... Sony have finally had to cough up for removing the feature http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2016/09/youre-a-step-closer-to-getting-55-from-the-ps3-linux-debacle-lawsuit/
  4. I'm not complaining about the original non-delivery. Amazon have made it awkward for the courier and I just rolled my eyes at that - like I said, bad for the customer but up to them. However, the courier said that Amazon have made them wait too long (even though they've delivered parcels to Amazon for me in the past) and are going to return the parcel to me instead. They messed this up by mislabelling my parcel so they lost it. Would I have any luck with small claims given this? I've never gone down that route before.
  5. Yeah, it was MyHermes. I sent it back myself. If Amazon and MyHermes don't want to play nice with each other then that's not good for the customer, but up to them. My problem is that MyHermes then carelessly (negligently?) stuck the return label on the wrong parcel and have lost my parcel as a result
  6. Hi, I used MyHermes to return a parcel to Amazon. After the tracking hadn't updated for a week, I tweeted them to find out what was going on and got a reply that Amazon makes them wait 4 hours to accept delivery so they couldn't deliver it. They were going to return it to me. A few days later a parcel turned up that my wife signed for. On inspection, it isn't the one I sent out, but was also originally addressed to Amazon. It had a sticker slapped on it with my address, so it seems pretty obvious that the MyHermes agent had mixed these two parcels up. After a very frustrating run
  7. Hi, I don't think I've got any options but to cough up for an expensive repair, but thought I'd check with the knowledgeable people on here first. My HTC One X phone fell about 2ft off my computer chair onto the carpeted floor and the screen has shattered. I couldn't believe it! I know they are delicate, but this model is specifically advertised as having impact resistant "gorilla glass." Do I have a leg to stand on with "fit for purpose" or similar - there must be some expectation of a mobile device being able to survive the rigours of daily use, including the occasional innocuous
  8. Hi, thanks for the answer. I wrote to the Insurance Company but didn't get a reply. I've rung them and they are sticking to their guns, that the bikes were not specified. I've gone through the application process on their website to remind myself, and there is a screen where you specify valuables with a section for bikes. Can I get them to send me exactly what I put into the website when I applied? Thanks!
  9. I had an £800 bike stolen recently but my home contents insurance say they will only cover £500 because it wasn't specified on the policy. In the section for valuables taken outside the home, my policy document has my partner's engagement ring and £1200 miscellaneous. The £1200 is the value of my stolen bike and another £400 bike. I can't remember for sure, but I really don't think I'd have just lumped them together like this - I think I would have specified the details of the bikes. What, if anything, can I do? Thanks in advance for any help!
  10. Hi all, I've was bought an iPod shuffle as a present in February. Almost straight away I managed to get it wet - doh! Luckily it was fine after I dried it out. Fast forward to a few days ago and it has stopped shuffling i.e. it plays and everything works other than that it will only play tracks in order, starting at the beginning each time. Obviously this renders it pretty useless! Apple won't touch it because they say its warranty has been voided by the moisture sensor inside. Do I have any options other than pay for a repair? (although I've been advised that it would be cheape
  11. Now a class action lawsuit in US Linux on the console? Sony sued for removing PS3 support
  12. Don't throw it in the bin because 3 inches of stitching have come loose - get a sewing needle!
  13. The distributions of Linux were provided by 3rd parties but the ability to run them was an official part of the system. On the PS3, running Linux is in no way a "hack" - you do so by selecting "Other OS" from the menu. So it is entirely comparable to Sony deciding to, say, remove Blu-ray playback. The Blu-ray discs come from 3rd party suppliers but the ability to play them is an official part of the package. The ability to run Linux was a major reason for my purchase and Sony have now removed this. Are there no consumer rights that will help out here?
  14. It was locked (with a substantial cable) to one of a row of metal "D rings" fixed to the outside wall of the hospital building where I work. It was left from 11am to 6pm and when I came back both it and the lock were gone. There is CCTV around, but nothing pointing directly at the bike area. The wording is slightly ambiguous - was it stolen "from the building" as it was attached to the outside wall of the building? I would argue that it was - if a plaque was unscrewed from the outer wall and stolen I would describe that as stolen from the building. The full policy document is here
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