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  1. I didn't realise Consumer credit councelling services had a service you could pay for! I rang them a few years ago, they just talked to me about my debts, gave me a CCCS reference number (that's important when talking to the creditors) and sent the pack. I found the pack helpful - especially the form letters (keep the originals and just copy those you want to use). I started to get my life back once I'd sent out all my letters and got 95% good responses to my 'offers'.
  2. you are welcome, I might have been nicer if I thought I wouldn't get flamed
  3. Thanks for your help! It doesn't 'automatically' go to High Court for enforcement, unless they feel they want it enforced, the claimant has to make that instruction and, in this instance, it wasn't really necessary, as I was paying regularly (around mid-month). I have now a proper sealed order that I need to fax to the HCEO (does anyone use fax anymore, where do I find one????) and I will post an original stamped copy as advised by the chap at the supreme court (he gave me two stamped copies, I will keep the other). The debt co said they will send me a letter to say the CCJ is paid
  4. I'm no expert and new to this site,so I'm sure you will get actual advice from others. However, from personal experience and discussions with a friend who, until recently worked for one of the larger debt collection agencies, I would say the key is in the wording. Whilst I recommend you try to figure out some sort of payments (albeit nominal amount) with HSBC and maybe contact CCCS, you probably don't need to panic immediately in my opinion. My experience of the process (confirmed by my friend) is an agency sends the 'we may' do xyz (some with more threatening manner than others) and if
  5. Sorry, whilst in my experience (fairly limited) and even based on heresay from my friends, I feel the majority of bailiffs are very very mean and nasty people, I have met two (which represents 2/5 of my experience, or half if you don't count the HCEO) who were very helpful, reasonable and one was even 'kind' So, they are not ALL bad. One example (which I have briefly posted elsewhere on here) was a bailiff who handed me a tissue and gently told me which forms to fill out to stop the bailiff visits when I burst into tears (apart from the stress of debt, my mum had just been taken ill and
  6. HCEO sorry for the confusion, I mentioned High Court in my original post, but it's buried in war and peace. It went from CCJ straight to High Court, without passing 'Go' (and without telling me until their letter arrived on 14th July)
  7. Update - I called the Supreme Court central office and got through to another very helpful person who said that the HCEO is being 'very picky' because basically we didn't actually get the order, just did as the Master said and sent them a copy of the fully stamped and approved application. So, more time off work and another expensive trip to london tomorrow to get the right paperwork and fax it to them from the court (and post special delivery copy, etc). Hopefully then they will cancel the van. I would still appreciate some advice on the fee liability though, please. Thanks very m
  8. hmmmm, not sure they are the best example of treating people right, but that's a whole different story, or am I so stressed I'm missing the irony here? :o
  9. I know this looks a bit sad to be the first to reply to my own post, but another question has come up while I've been surfing the fora........ WWOW, you posted elsewhere on here some advice......... "The debt must be more than £600 to be transferred up and enforced by an HCEO. If you can satisfy that your case could have been handled in the original court, then you can contend the claim is vexatious and you can ask for the fees back on the basis the transfer up was solely to obtain higher enforcement fees than they would otherwise have made" Do you think this would be relevant f
  10. Good luck NurseCaz. I also had met a bailiff like the one you describe, who turned up at 6.30 am for a parking fine. On the flip side, I met one who told me which forms to fill out when I burst into tears (just heard my mum was ill) and sent me a sympathy card when she died, so they are not all heartless (apart from those I'm currently dealing with from High Court) You mention you have other financial problems, I contacted CCCS, they are a charity, free advice and after 2 1/2 years I've halved my debts, following their methodology. They really helped me regain control of my finances
  11. Hi, thanks in advance for any advice, I will try to keep this short....... CCJ order for a little over £5,000 end of March 08, as I disputed part of the amount owed This dispute had been dragging over the past 2 years and I have been paying £100 per month for the last year and now increased to £200 pm, as I'd said I would once the final amount was 'agreed' Mid-July I received a letter from Marston Group. The letter said they had visited (they had not, I was home sick) and they had added over £1200 to the amount (no explanation/breakdown) lots of to-ing and fro-ing with debt agency,
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