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  1. Just an update - have been trying to gather info on directions hearing etc. in between working long hours/generally being stressed out. Anyway, found out today directions hearing has been postponed - phew! Now going to be in March which will hopefully give me more time to gather info. in preparation - apparently letter was posted by court last week - not received it as yet but glad I phoned to check. And very glad not to be going tomorrow, even though I know there's nothing to fear as long as I get all my info. together. Am going to read up and get info. together then post next week if I
  2. An update to my situation with HFC/Restons taking me to court for a HSBC credit card. I have been asked to attend a Directions Hearing on 22nd January 2009 and 30 minutes has been allowed for the hearing. Sorry I haven't had good internet access recently and a lot has been going on at home with everything pretty quiet on the HFC/HSBC/Restons front so nothing to report until now... I'm having a look around the site but as usual am getting a bit confused. Do I need to take information/paperwork to the directions hearing? I have copies of letters sent etc. Does anyone have a link t
  3. cheers ccm, Yes x20 has been a great help as has everyone for info. and moral support I'm going to have sketchy access to internet over next 2 to 3 weeks but will try and get on for next couple of nights incase I need to do anything or to let you know if I hear anything further. x20 any thoughts on Restons AQ? Thanks again Happy Shopper
  4. sorry the font size on my post re AQ received from Restons is a bit large! Can't get the hang of this computer lark.... Grateful of any further advice, should I respond to Restons out of courtesy? thanks
  5. Evening all, Questionnaire received from Restons on 14th November – after I got back from work and had posted my own to the court (without forwarding Restons/HFC a copy) Section A Restons/HFC have ticked neither yes or no but have put under Reasons that: previous invitations by/on behalf of the Claimant to settle have been ignored. Section D – they have typed the words THE FULL AMOUNT against what amount of the claim is in dispute. They have estimated trial will take 1 day Section F they have not ticked either the Yes or No boxes. Section G costs they are estim
  6. Ok all done and printed and I can get an early night....thanks again x20! Will get ready to post later in the week, just a small question (last one I promise) did someone mention that on signing a line should be put through/just under the signature to prevent tampering/copying by claimant in this case?? Or did I imagine that? I know never to sign letters sent direct to DCA/Supposed Creditor but wasn't sure if this might be a problem if court forwards copy of my AQ and possibly proposed directions?? Once again thanks you have been great
  7. Sorry, I've got to spread some more reputation around before I can click those scales....but you have been great!!
  8. AQ due this week but will hold off until Thursday then if you think that's best? Just going to grab a bite to eat and will then finish my AQ - you are a star! Yep, you're right about section E you have mentioned unable to give a time estimate I just had one of those moments where I thought I had to tick the box... Going to try and click your scales, tip you scales or whatever it is you do to say you've been a great help, it wouldn't let me when I tried yesterday so will try again. cheers HS
  9. Ok a little stuck on this bit, should it be Total from the left hand side of the form Particulars of Claim or should it be the Total amount from the right hand side of the form, the bit where they are adding in their solicitor's fees and costs? Just want to get it spot on... What should I putting in the Your ref. box, if anything?? Could I make up my own reference or will that just confuse me (probably ) and do I have to put my phone number?? Sorry if being a bit slow, just wondering do I need to put a heading on the proposed directions that I attach to the AQ? i.e. e
  10. :D:D:D:D:D WOW!!!! and that is an understatement..you are brilliant! Words are not enough......Going to get onto this now, I couldn't have done this without you. You're quite right on the CPR 18 going to HFC but asking for my HSBC agreement so thanks for pointing that out. I'm just so thankful for what you've done for me...going to get onto this now, if I'm right then it's ok if I send a typed N150 even though they've sent me one to write on... I'm so grateful, thanks a million, back on when the deed is done. Thanks :D can you tell i'm pleased? It won't let me put in a
  11. Morning everyone, x20 any luck with casting your eye over my AQ N150 yet? Do you think ok to send as is with draft order for directions and no other documents/defence until I get a hearing date? Grateful of any advice so I can proceed. Off to work soon but will be back on later thanks
  12. going offline for the evening, so thanks again for any help and advice you can offer x20, you have been a great help getting me to this point. Will be on tomorrow to get form complete and copied, thanks everyone and have a good night.
  13. Thanks x20, you're the best! Right going to jump in the bath and clear my head a bit - it's been a long day. Unfortunately I can't submit the N150 online they've given me a paper form to fill out and then I need to get it photocopied so would absolutely love to get it filled out and sorted tonight, but I know you're busy..so whenever you get a chance. thanks again
  14. Hi 42man thanks for posting, just back from work.... I think I referred to these earlier in my post both really useful, I put the wrong link for Jonni2bad's guide on completion of the N150 sorry but have read it and it has really helped. I think I just need a nudge as to whether or not to ask for a stay of a month or not in Section A Settlement? HFC haven't complied with my CPR 18 requests... should I ask for time to settle or put No as they haven't supplied requested documents? Also, I was going to attach the draft order for directions (hope I got that bit right) as per Jonni2bad's
  15. Have eaten now, going to grab some sleep, hopefully someone can give a bit more advice tomorrow. Thanks everyone HS
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