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  1. Hi My defence was filed in too late and the courts gave me a judgement. Is it worth to instruct solicitors to have the judgement set aside or would it be a waste of money? And what would happen now with the judgement on me?
  2. 1970, This makes sense. Thanks again. You, transparent spoon, neil, damon have all been great help. Thank you
  3. hi 1970 Good info, thanks. I'm going to cab now and do you know if the judgement stays or does it go as soon as they have a charge? As if they put the judgement on me this will stop me from a remortgage, as thats where I could get little cash from...
  4. Hi again The latest is I am being chased for £95k. I proposed to pay them £550 per month or pay them £40,000 as a full & final straight away as thats what I could get. Both proposals have been rejected and they are keen to take me to High court, get a judgement and liquidate me. I telephoned so many solicitors and they all want thousands as its a High court matter on account. Really don't know what else I could do so I'm back here again for guidance. Thank you
  5. Neil, Good morning. Hi, The only insurance they looked at was the credit insurance to see all my debtors were insured. No other policy. They have not gone for the company, they haven't taken the company to court and they received no orders from anyone to instruct my other bank to freeze my account. 4. Is there any reason why the deed of priority isn't signed by LTSBCF or did you blank this out? I think, they have the signed copy. There was so much confusion when I took the facility, they sent so many forms, which were wrong then sent again etc, so I dont know what I s
  6. Hi 1970, no they just got my name only on the claim form not the Limited company's.
  7. Hi JonCris, It like factoring but I had confidential Invoice discounting where we issue the invoices and we chase the customers. Customers dont know the invoices are discounted. Thats what Lloyds told me anyway but they did ring the customers on my behalf. What exactly do you mean "change of position?" And NO they did'nt get ANY order from anyone to instruct Barclays to freeze my account. They havent even chased the company but me personally. Barclays say, they froze my account as Lloyds have a debenture but they are not giving this in writing. I've been told that my barclays mana
  8. above I have put all the docs. Thanks photoman, its a really good website.
  9. Please click the link below to see my docs regarding my problem. all suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you. jewelleryman - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
  10. how can i attach my documents here so you could all see them?
  11. Sorry, I didn't realise. I did that so I could get advice from different people. Apparantely, Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance is not governed by any financial body.
  12. Yes I have the terms & conditions. The contract was a one month rolling contract.
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