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  1. Hi, Has anyone heard anything back from BMI Baby - we haven't. I posted the first letter on 20/8/2008 but I didn't send it recorded delivery (probably a mistake). I'm thinking of sending a follow up (this time recorded) - anyone any suggestions about what a follow up letter should be. Cheers Rob p.s. The first letter was a copy of the one put together by Tim/Mikee
  2. Tim Did you send the letter off to BMI, my daughter is holding back from sending anything until we see what you have sent. If you have sent it, it would be very helpful if you could post on here what you sent . Thanks Rob
  3. Tim, My daughter was on the same flight. She was absolutely broke (the end of a music festival), with 42p to her name. She is a 1st year Uni student so didn't even have a credit card. We got to Manchester airport and knew before you guys (at 08.30pm) that the flight had been cancelled. The help-desk guy at Manchester even phoned BMI up because we knew she was broke, and reassured us BMI would look after them and pay for accommodation/and rebook their flights. My daughter called us to tell us she (and a couple of others) had been offered hospitality by some bloke they met at the airport -
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