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  1. Sorry fuzz, in that case that is ridiculous forgive me i am on nights atm. yawnnnn.
  2. Well done on the result Fuzz! at least the debt is cancelled, however the compensation is dismal and in now way reflects the amount of work you have put into the case. There is hope! i wonder now if i could write BPF a letter citing the case? the only problem with that is i have since moved and as such dont really want them to have my address. You could always now ask them for compensation re. your credit records? i saw someone say that they have to pay if the entries are made in error?
  3. I hope the adjudicator did not at least laugh at you on the phone like my one did, they don't care about us at all mainly because they are all just trying to land jobs in the big banks the employees of which they go drinking with on a Friday! It sounds far fetched but i have witnessed this first hand, the FOS HQ was opposite my old office, which in turn is opposite the Headquarters of Barclays and HSBC.
  4. ah well, I do love how their address is University House, lol they seriously overestimate their credibility!
  5. I just had a quick look, there are a few companies but all of them, seem to have small business exemptions, and a couple or from other countries so it rules them out too. Very interesting!! I hate people losing their jobs, but wouldn't it be great if computeach folded too then Barclays would be totally stuffed!
  6. ROFL! yay! they are gonna let you study on a course that is nothing like the advent one, and you didn't pick lol.
  7. :lol:A tick box questionnaire, well that certainly satisfies any argument against miselling doesn't it? I got told i would be working at HSBC headquarters after i passed my first two exams! Looks like i am as big a Mug as the people that designed that questionaire!
  8. Woohooo, lets test this out and see where it goes, good luck fuzz butt!
  9. yeah you can appeal or get in touch with your adjudicator and they may have another look, im waiting to see what happens with fuzzy before i do anything now.
  10. Hiya Guys, I was digging through my old emails and came across my correspondance from when the course was being sold to me. Hmm. this particular email is pretty damning! what do you guys think Oh cool it’s nice to have someone you know who confirms that you are doing the right thing. I’ll look out for your paperwork. One thing I ask of you……when you make your 1st £35,000 you can buy me a bottle of champagne ha ha. Crystal would be nice it’s only £220 a bottle! Take care and don’t forget, anything else you need to know just get in touch. It would be nice if you could drop me a line when you start your course to let me know how you’re doing. GOOD LUCK name omitted, to protect the not very innocent.
  11. Yeah they really like to lay it on people! In the nine months since their first visit when i told the salesman that they were too expensive and had to escort him out of my house, they have visited me 6 more times and call every now and again too. My responses have been progressivley less and less polite, the last guy that came round (at this point the windows were already done for half of their "discounted" price) i lost my temper with and shouted at, i think i scared him a bit because he then ran into my wheelie bin and fell over. they have not called back since, and although shouting and intimidating people is no way to get on in life i just lost my temper with them. I wish more people would stand up to them instead of rolling over alas, they will continue on this path of convincing people who do not know better that they should get their windows. Safestyle "discounted" quote:£7,600 windows only no porch Local Chappie (in wolverhampton top guy, ask me if you need windows): £4250 for the windows, £950 for my porch (and i have since had him back for the sofits,facias and the brickwork and window for the garage conversion. His windows were just as good if not better as safestyles premium product (pilkington K glass, argon filled, more latches). Honestly i couldn't care less if that firm went down and took all their dodgy salesmen with them too. BTW, had Everest round, they were even more expensive but their salesman was really nice.
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