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  1. i really need help about what to do. i have been suspended from work on suspision on theft, having an unauthorised person in a staff only area and attempting to coerce another staff member to lie for me! this is totally untrue and i dont know what to do, my disiplinary hearing is tomorrow. ill try and give you a quick overview on what happened, on monday may 4th it was a bank holiday and i was in charge of the shop for a 4hr shift ( i am supervisor) once we closed my sister in law came to meet me and i stupidly took her upstairs with me and another staff member when i was closin
  2. i have checked the website and also contacted companies house who say company is not in liquidation but is 6mnths overdue with the return. what is that?
  3. thanks for that:) does anyone know how to confirm if they are in liquidation? would acas help? thanks alli x
  4. hi everyone, i need some help on a matter. my fiance william worked for a recruitment company for 3 months, he then decided to find another job closer to home which he did. he was due to get paid what he was owed (around £400) on the last day of june. he didnt get paid and neither did anyone else in the company. he contacted the manager who assured him that there was just a problem with the systems and he would be paid sometime that week. obviously that didnt materialise and hes now ignoring all the phonecalls/msn. we have tried contacting all of the 5 offices they have around
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