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  1. Thanks - I thought as it was front loaded it wouldn't work like that as you pay interest at the start of the loan? Therefore when you get to a certain point in the loan, you'd have paid all the interest off before the end of the term..?
  2. ok i understand (i think!) - so if i paid back the loan after 1 month for example, it'd cost me 1 months interest + 2 months for clearing early?
  3. Thats what I make of it too when reading it - but if the telephone operater telling me differen says to me that I may have issue if I follow what it says on the paperwork and dont want to pay lots of interest as the loan is front loaded....
  4. Thanks the paragraph in my original post is from my agreement, however when calling hsbc they state that can cancel within 14 days and loan needs to be paid back within 14 days - on the day of cancellation
  5. So if I was for example to cancel on 14th day, do I have 30 days from that date to repay the credit + interest for the period I hade the credit for...or is it 30 days from the date I received the credit - regardless of when within the 14 days I cancelled?
  6. Can somebody explain what this means, maybe give dates on how this would work, based on a loan taken Today 24th May.. You have the right to withdraw from the credit agreement within 14 calender days after you receive written confirmation that we have executed the agreement. If you withdraw after receiving credit, you must repay the credit within 30 days and repay any interest due on the credit.
  7. I took a £7000 personal loan over 60 months today and the loan has drawn drown.. I only plan to have the loan for a month (max 3 months). The interest is front loaded - from what i have been told I can repay the loan at any time and the interest i'd pay is for the period i've had the loan + 2 months...does anybody know if this is the case or would this work out an expensive option as the loan is front loaded??
  8. I didnt make the claim in the end...i shoud do it though! But i'm concerned they'll say its out of the 6 years now..
  9. yes i believe it was mis sold as I would get upto 6 months full pay and then 6 months half pay BUT when taking the loan out online you dont get the chane to choose a defferment period - therefore it automatically sets it to 30 days which is the expensivest, but if you take the loan over the telephone you can take 30 days, 90 days or 180 days defferment period - 180 days being cheaper.
  10. In light of whats happening with PPI claims - I believe i was mis sold PPI as wasnt given all the options available when took loan online - The loan was in 2004, which is just outside of the 6 years. Can I still claim this back?
  11. Whats the process for a court summons, and can i recover the costs of this from him?
  12. Hi I paid a deposit to book a live singer for a show and received a contract for it. The agent that dealt with the booking, within 7 days stated that they wanted more than 3 times more than the agreed price and cancelled the contract and offered a refund. He said the refund would be in my account on a saturday over a week ago, but he then emailed me saying that he couldnt deposit cash into my hsbc account as he wasnt a hsbc customer and he'd sort in the week. He still hasnt refunded the money, and my bank said they cant dispute or recall a faster payment. When calling
  13. not checked my wifes though as the letter was addressed to her as she's the main policy holder... does this notice mean default on her file??
  14. Whilst we were away our house insurance policy renewal premium wasnt paid by the bank on 2 occassions and the insurers sent a letter stating Default Notice Served Under Section 87(1) of the consumer credit act 1974 and there was a deadline dade within 2 weeks to pay the premium to remedy it. We were still away, and on return have received letter stating that as they've not heard from us, the policy renewal has been cancelled. I've called them and they stated that my policy was paid up to the end of the policy which was 5th sept 2009 to 5th sept 2010. As they not recieved payment to r
  15. A colleague at my place of work has been given a doctors note to gwork reduce hours for a month due to her condition and change in medication. This note was supposed to start from today, but the employers are asking them to work their usual shift today until they can get the employee to speak to occupational health which would be tomorrow, before they can arrange their reduced hours. The employee had informed the employer last week of the situation and gave them some notice for them to arrange this, but the employers said to just sort it out today, but they havent done so and are say
  16. Do i need a copy of the agreement to complain even though they have sent me a secure message stating the dates i had ppi on the loan? Also if I just sent a covering letter without the form from the fos stating that I had been mis sold would they just reject it?
  17. My bank have told me I had ppi on it from when I took it out on 13 Dec 2004 up until april 2006. I know I was mis sold as I wasnt given all the information on the ppi, e.g as I took it out online I was automatically given the 30 day deferrment, where as if i took it out over the telephone I would have been given the choice of a 30, 90 or 180 day deferrment period (180 day being the cheapest and 30 day being the expensivest). So as I applied online and you tick you want ppi they automatically give you the expensivest...which I wouldnt have taken if was applied over the telephone, well
  18. Would you claim for ppi misselling from your employer? If you took out a loan with your employer and it the time you werent aware of how loans worked and that you had been missold, but now you do...what would you do??
  19. Yes this was an egg loan, I topped up the loan about a year later, but the rebate i would have got would have been very small (if any at all)..so i would have probably paid 1 or 2k in insurance... I'll have a look at the ppi forum.. Thanks
  20. I applied for a loan in 2004 which had ppi on, when i topped it up i didnt take out the ppi... When i applied for the loan in 2003/4, i wasnt given the option to choose which defferment period i wanted for the ppi, wether it was 30, 90 or 180 days...the website will automatically give you 30 days which is the most expensivest option. If i had applied over the telephone i would have been given the different options, but online you dont get the choice??? Is this misselling? as 180 day deferment would have been better and cheaper for me?? As my job pays full pay for 6 months...
  21. what date did you take your loan/ppi with them?
  22. My father gave me bulk of my deposit for a property purchase I made a year or so back. I was wanting to add a 2nd charge in my fathers name for the deposit he lent me. Does anybody know how this can be done? Is it just a case of my father asking his solicitor to contact the chelsea who i hold my mortgage with to add the 2nd charge? I look forward to your replies...
  23. The loan from my parents was used for a deposit on a property... My partner isnt named on the mortgage...
  24. My parents lent me monies to purchase a property approx 1.5 years ago.. They gave me the monies on the basis i only repay in the event of divorce, and they wanted me to have a document drawn up, which I didnt get done, but nothing was said. In the last few months I have got married (and happily married) and now moved into the property with my new wife. My parents have now asked that they want a legal document drawn up to confirm the terms of the monies that they had lent me and that I would have to repay in the event of divorce. So far I have always paid the mortgage as my
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