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  1. Uman

    Uman v MBNA

    I got a reply to my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) today. Just statements, of course. So, it doesn't look like they have anything at all to hide by not supplying the requested appl. forms, CA etc then. Of course not - perish the thought! The balance on my account is something like 8K, and the interest paid by me alone is over 11K. Compound interest figure at the current rate they are charging (c. 35%) means without an agreement they might *theoretically* owe me as much as 28K in total. I've written back telling them that they've got X days to supply the missing docs, and we'll see what they've provided when the 40 days are up. Haven't heard any more from RMA since I wrote to them.
  2. Update: Today, I received a response to my SAR. It contains all statements back to July 2002. Barclaycard go on to say that this is all the information that they hold relating to my account. Firstly, while they still have some time to comply, they have failed to send me application forms, copy of the Credit Agreement, details on manual intervention etc. Also, can they legally only send statements for the last 6 years? If anyone can advise me here, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Uman
  3. Uman

    Uman v MBNA

    Received a letter today from Risk Management Alternatives asking me to pay the arrears on my account. Will write back telling them the account is in dispute and that as a result MBNA is not permitted to enforce the account.
  4. Hi Slick132, and thanks for the welcome. I seriously doubt whether they can produce a valid CCA response, having read lots of threads here. The 'credit agreement' they produced was just a partially illegible application form with none of the prescribed terms. This account dates back to the mid-90s and I believe that they only manage to supply application forms for most (all?) accounts from this time. Uman
  5. Uman

    Uman v MBNA

    Thanks, H1, that looks helpful.
  6. Uman

    Uman v MBNA

    Hopeful1, no PPI on this account. Do TS actually listen, or do anything? I suppose I ought to contact them out of principle anyway. The more noise the better...
  7. Uman

    Uman v MBNA

    Hi, Hopeful1. I've managed to keep the minimum payments up mostly, and usually keep it under my limit, so there are only a small number of charges over the years I think. I've paid a hell of a lot in credit interest though, and I'm sure that they've made a decent profit already. They've not responded to the SAR as yet, although they still probably have the best part of a month left. Uman
  8. Uman

    Uman v MBNA

    Hi. I have had an account with MBNA for many years. I missed a few payments a while back and they suspended the account. When I got things back on track I paid off half the balance and was immediately rewarded by MBNA doubling my interest rate to about 35%! They refused to reduce the interest rate, and were extremely rude about it, I should add. Now, my financial circumstances are not good again, and I decided that I would CCA them. They've made a fortune out of me over the years, and I really feel no remorse about this, especially after the shameless interest rate hike. The events so far are as follows: In early June I CCAd them. They responded just before the 12 working day limit with a (legible) application form that had no prescribed terms, plus current Ts & Cs. In early July I wrote back saying that the documentation they provided was not satisfactory and they replied with a so-called final response saying it is satisfactory. I wrote a letter later in July putting the account in dispute and also sent a SAR asking for all statements plus original CA etc. MBNA replied at the end of July to say that they do not believe the account is in dispute, so I wrote a lengthy letter explaining the situation with reference to the CCA 1974 and the 1983 regulations. I also mentioned the Wilson case. I just missed a payment, and I'm now waiting for the threats to start! Will post up new details as they happen... Uman
  9. Hi everyone. Firstly, many thanks to all of you. I have got some great advice from reading this forum! After years of struggling to keep up with payments to Barclaycard at 2X% APR I can no longer afford to do so. In early June I finally decided to CCA them. They've had more than my outstanding balance from me in interest payments already and, anyway, continuing to pay them just isn't possible. The story so far is that in late June they sent me a partially illegible application form with no prescribed terms, plus old Ts & Cs (not part of the application form) and current Ts & Cs. I wrote back in early July explaining that their response wasn't adequate and asked for a true copy of my CA again. They replied with a 'final response' bizarrely referring to documents I had never requested, and stating that they believed they had satisfied my request. A couple of weeks back I put the account in dispute and sent them a SAR asking for all statements plus original CA etc. I've missed one payment so far (only a few days ago), and haven't heard from them as yet. I'm waiting for the phone calls to start! I will post up details as soon as I have heard from them again. Uman
  10. Hi, Just wanted to introduce myself at this stage. I started reading threads on this board a few weeks back before tackling three banks with with CCA / S78 requests. I got some great advice from reading the posts here, so I would like to say a huge "thank you". I will post up individual threads soon, when the creditors start getting nasty! Thanks again, Uman.
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