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  1. The overpayment is of Incapacity Benefit as his partner was working whilst on a partner on the benefit claim, it went to court and he was convicted of benefit fraud. I just thought it was odd that the repayments could increase to £36 from £8.55 per week.
  2. thanks for this - do you happen to know what the statutory maximums are?
  3. Hi all Just a quick question. I currently pay £5.99 p/month for access to CreditExpert. Do people recommend this kind of thing or am I just giving them money for something i don't need to? Thanks M
  4. Hi guys I've been a member for a while and was helped out with some debt a while back - looking for a bit of advice again! It isn't for me but a relative. Basically he has been paying back £8.55 per week from Incapacity Benefit due to an overpayment which went to court who found in DWP favour. He has had a letter saying his deductions are to increase to £36 p/week...can they do this? Thanks in advance M
  5. How about, and here's a wacky idea, the DCA's learn that people are aware of their rights (thanks to site's like CAG) How about they learn that you need to prove you have the right to ask for money. How about (and this is my case) you don't try and threaten people with 10 year\ old debts, prison, CCJ's etc when you dont have a clue on consumer rights. How about you realise that people are people, not just names on a spreadsheet, nobody wants to avoid debt, nobody is told on here how to avoid debt. How about you take a jump into a very deep hole and hopefully never find your way back out. CAG exists for a reason, people are sick of the underhand, and sometimes illegal methods that are used. CAG should and will continue!
  6. I had wondered about the junk mail increase..i had blamed play.com because i'd registered with them at the same time. I had read on these forums that DCA's and credit ref agencies are hand in hand, so that might explain it!
  7. there isnt any default on my file. i'm signed up with creditexpert and check regularly so there are no problems there, thankfully!!
  8. Havent had an answer to that question! Am i right in thinking that they could pass it onto someone else?
  9. The debt they imagine i owe is £2531 The discount amount is £1266 So they say I can pay them £1265 50% is that usual??
  10. Thanks for the advice. Hopefully they won't get back in touch!
  11. After reading the site for a few days I am unable to find out what to do next. Can anyone help? I have sent Lowell/Red a stat barred letter and have recieved a letter from them offering me a generous reduction if I pay them asap! Just wondering what my next letter should say or do I send nothing and ignore them? Thanks for any help!
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