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  1. UPDATE: I have sent Lowells the "Prove-it" letter and requested their complaints procedure, but got nothing back from them, part from ask me to call them (via email). Should I sit back and wait?
  2. OIC, is that not better for me!?
  3. Why do I have to have a georaphical location for a PO BOX?
  4. OK but why is it not a good idea of having a PO BOX?
  5. Got this email this morning: Our Reference: xxxxxx Original Creditor: xxxxxx Balance Outstanding: xxxxx Dear xxxxxxx We refer to your recent correspondence regarding the above account. We apologise for the delay in our response. Your comments have been noted and we would advise that the account in question relates to a xxxxxxxxx, card number xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. We would now require you to contact one of our agents on the below telephone number to discuss this matter in detail. Please ensure any replies and future e-mails are sent to post @lowellgroup.co.uk. We trust that this clarifies the current situation and look forward to hearing from you shortly. Yours sincerely Luke Fairlie Customer Service Administrator Lowell Group Enterprise House 1 Apex View Leeds LS11 9BH 0845 300 9410 Ext: 2013 I don't think this is prove that I owe them any money, of course I will not be ringinng them but requesting them to talk to me via email. Not sure becuase I requested their complaints procedure which forced them to responsed. I think my options are: 1. Request a CCA from them, but I will need to setup a PO BOX in Australia 2. Wait for their complaints procedure to come 3. Do nothing Any ideas? What happens if I do option 3, what will happen? Regards, JoeTheMan
  6. Could some send me a link to the CCA 1974 please.
  7. This is funny, I sent an email to [email protected] about 3 weeks ago (approx) got the following: Flag this message Lowell Financial autoresponse Sunday, August 3, 2008 2:03 PM From: "post" Add sender to Contacts To: "" Thank you for your e-mail. We are currently looking into your enquiry and will respond to you as soon as possible. Please be assured we will try to answer and resolve your query at our earliest convenience. Unfortunately I am unable to give you an exact date as to when this will be as our enquiries can take time, as we often have to retrieve information from the original client or external bodies. What I can guarantee is that your enquiry is being dealt with and you have no need to e-mail again. If you want to speak to someone in our Customer Service team then please do not hesitate to call on 0844 844 4716 Disclaimer - August 3, 2008 This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for . If you are not the named addressee you should not disseminate, distribute, copy or alter this email. Any views or opinions presented in this email are solely those of the author and might not represent those of Lowell Financial. Warning: Although Lowell Financial has taken reasonable precautions to ensure no viruses are present in this email, the company cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the use of this email or attachments. Lowell Financial Ltd is a limited company registered in England and Wales. Registered number 4558936. Registered office: Enterprise House, 1 Apex View, Leeds LS11 9BH. Lowell Financial also trades under the names of Lowell Group, Hamptons Legal and Red Debt Collection Services. Lowell Group: Debt Purchaser of the Year 2007 VC-Backed Business of the Year - Fast Growth Business Awards 2008 Best Commercial Initiative - Training Journal Award 2008 Developing the Team Award - ICM08 I then send another email to request the complaints procedures and get this: Hi. This is the qmail-send program at yahoo.com. I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses. This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out. Lowell Hotels, Restaurants, Real Estate & Jobs | Lowell.com>: does not like recipient. Remote host said: 550 No Such User Here Giving up on
  8. I have sent an email to Lowell requesting their complaints procedure, so the waiting game starts.
  9. Yes thank you! I had Lowell contact my FIL about a year ago about a Sky debt (9 pounds!), which I paid, as this was only a small amount, I simply paid it!
  10. Thank you babybear39. They know that I live in Australia, how much difference will this make? Regards,
  11. Thank you, I would hate to get there and people waiting for me (part from my family)! Well my FIL got a letter from Lowell last week, saying that are sorry and will remove my details from their books. I still have not got anything from Lowel about proving to me that I owe them money. Sould I request their complaints procedures? OR do I simply wait to see what happens next?
  12. I am going to the UK for few weeks for a holiday, can a DCA cause any problems at the airport, i.e. could they wait for me at the airport?
  13. I sent them a "Prove-it" letter about 7 days ago, which I got a email confirmation back from them (auto-response) but I have not heard anything from them, what should I do next? Thanks, Paul
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