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  1. Okay not a hundred percent sure on whats going on here but thought I would ask anyways. I got a copy of my credit report as I am looking at going for a mortgage. I was shocked to see that there was an outstanding debt for Littlewoods on this. I had two accounts with Littlewoods, one when I first turned 18 and lived with my parents then closed it, and then the second that I had when I moved in with my ex fiance. The second was opened in 2000/01-ish and as far as I was aware this was closed when we split up in 2004. We had moved address once during the time the second account was opene
  2. I'm hoping someone can help me with this problem. I switched from AOL to Virgin net in August/September 2006, and as I had my phone line through BT (was very happy with this), I chose a broadband only package at £24.99 a month. I was charged £24.99 a month for my broadband and had no issues until in April 2007 I was called by Virgin. They told me that they had merged and were now Virgin Media and on restructuring their packages my package was now reduced to £19.99 a month...no catches (I asked). They said I was entitled to a free gift for being a customer and I could have either a fr
  3. Just thought I would post a Hello to everyone here as I am new to these boards. Wish I had found them before now though. Anyways, its good to have finally found these boards and I'm looking forward to posting here. OrchidLily
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