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  1. Not very good on forums and think I've posted this before - but I wrote to the Chairman of Barclays asking him in desperation to please find someone to reply to my letters. Stone the crows - we got a letter from a very senior person, not based in Northampton, another part of the country, saying he'd been asked by the Chairman to investigate. Had a decent conversation with him and when we explained our circumstances said "I don't see any mileage in pursuing something that isn't there." He's asked us to phone him with the budget sheet prepared by the CCCS and we have to phone him next week wi
  2. I'm not very good on forums - can you tell me exactly what happens if Barclaycard do not send me a CCA. I wrote and asked for one (with £1 postal order) nearly 2 months ago and haven't heard a thing. How can not being sent a CCA help me? Thanks
  3. how do I get to that page please
  4. Barclaycard said they won't negotiate with us, only if we seek advice from CCCS,so I assume if they won't do a DMP for us, as long as our budget sheet is done on their paper, Barclaycard will accept it? Well that's what I understood this guy from Barclaycard to say. We have already sent a budget sheet via Debtline and he said to go through CCCS. So if figures come out the same and it's on their paper, that's the only way we can do it I suppose?
  5. We have a telephone call booked with the CCCS to discuss our debt situation. Reading through various threads relating to the CCCS, I am now confused about whether they will take us on as we do not have £100 towards creditors. In the initial phone call we specifically told them we didn't have £100 for our creditors, in fact, we have nearly nothing (perhaps £5 to three creditors), but they went ahead with booking the phone interview for next month. Some posts say they were knocked back, others say they weren't. So am confused. Barclaycard said they will not negotiate with us, it has to be d
  6. Sorry to be so dense - can you clarify - can I ask the bank for a copy of the CCA or is it another type of document I need for the bank. I have an overdraft which I cannot pay back - is there a template I can use? I haven't received a copy of the CCA from Barclaycard, sent six weeks ago so what should I do now with regard to Barclaycard?
  7. I wrote to Barclaycard on 30th July enclosing £1 asking for a copy of the CCA (recorded delivery) - it's now 20th August and haven't received a copy - how does not receiving a copy of this help me with my debt?
  8. We are unable to pay our Barclaycard bill and our overdraft because mortgage has gone up £300, so technically it's two months since we've been able to make a payment and now the Barclaycard debt is being handled by a senior person (see my original post) and we are waiting for the bank to start on us - presumably the CCCS will help us work out something - but it will be nominal. That's why I was so interested in the comment from Barclaycard "don't see any mileage in pursuing something that isn't there." But thought I'd send off for copy of CCA and wonder if it applies to a bank as well? Than
  9. Sorry to be so stupid - but how does getting a copy of a CCA help with the debt problem with Barclaycard. Sent off with postal order and allowing for postage, should get the agreement next Tuesday. What happens if it doesn't arrive and if it does arrive, how does it help me? Incidentally I got so fed up with all the phone calls and automatic silent calls and the fact that the call centre wouldn't acknowledge we'd written with budget sheet to say we were in trouble, also said they never, ever reply to a letter, one guy said we won't even negotiate with you etc., that I wrote to the Chairman
  10. Went to Currys to buy a sound system - specifically asked the 12yr old looking assistant that I wanted to tape vinyl records - showed me a lovely looking black and chrome thinggy with turn table, double cassette and cd player. Got home and started to tape - lots of hissing noise. To cut a long story short, took it back to store, checked it out and said nothing wrong and I'd left it too late for a replacement. Eventually got a "sound" doctor in, he said the system was o.k.ish, but considering I specifically bought it to tape records, it didn't even have Dolby NS, hence the hissing noise.
  11. Sorry to be so thick, but what do you mean by CCAing them? I've just sent a letter asking for a copy of the agreement (is that the same thing) and what does that actually achieve? Do I actually not want them to send it? I'm not even at the dispute stage because they won't reply to any of my letters - so do I just hang on, in the meantime sending my offer of £1 per month using tear off slip of the Barclaycard statement. I'm not very good at understanding forums, so perhaps there is a link somewhere that can explain the procedure? They won't take my house away from me will they?
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