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  1. Hi Thanks for that - I will check the details of the charge tomorrow when they open again - I suspect it was while I was reapplying for the loan after they lost the original application.
  2. Hi I got myself into a bit of a mess a year or so ago and ended up owing Natwest around £3000 (amongst other creditors). I have been paying it off slowly over the past few months with a Payment Plan but had an issue with this when my wages went in a couple of days late and the payment failed. Since then, Natwest told me that they could not put another Payment Plan in place but that they could arrange a loan to consolidate my overdraft (around £1900 by this point). To cut a long story short, this took 6 weeks to sort out due to Natwest losing my original application and the temporary overdraft limit they had put in place ended 2 weeks before the money went in. Due to this I had several failed payments. My loan went in on 18/07/08 and everything was going well. I had set up online banking and was monitoring my account daily to keep up to date. To complicate matters, I am also the process of transferring from weekly pay to monthly pay and as such as on an extremely tight budget this month. A week or so ago, I received my statement including a Pre-Advice note of £28.00 of charges and £15.14 interest to cover the period 05/07/08-01/08/08. I have figured these charges into my budget for the month and should just about be OK until my first full month's pay arrives. Today, I checked my account online to find that £90 of charges had been applied to my account. I called the bank immediately but was told that they can only tell me that the charges are marked as being for a referral in July and that for more information i'd need to wait until monday when the relevant team will be available. This £90 blows a big hole through my carefully planned budget for the month and will leave me in real difficulties. Assuming this charge is indeed from July, it should have either been listed in my Pre-Advice note or on the previous month's statement. My question is - do Natwest have any obligation to inform me of any charges to my account before taking them? If I can show that they are not on my Pre-Advice Slip, will they be obliged to remove the charges until my next statement? Thanks for your help
  3. Charles Dunstone is CEO of CPW and the founder of the company - generally very nice bloke as well!
  4. Hi In theory, Lifeline policies expire on the next due date if a DD is cancelled. They can be 'revived' by paying the overdue payment within 3months of this occurring. After that date, they can no longer be revived and cannot be claimed on. However, Lifeline are notorious for messing up Direct Debits and failing to take the money. When I worked for CPW I saw this on numerous occasions with customers and even experienced it myself! As stated above, if you can get a list of current Direct Debits, or even better, written confirmation from your bank that this DD is still active and that they have no record of your cancelling it then this would definitely help your chances. As I said above, I think it's almost certainly too late to have your policy reinstated. Therefore, the only way to remedy this will be for CPW to issue Customer Care Vouchers to cover the cost. I think that will have a pretty good chance of getting them to agree to this - but you might have to be very persistent. I suspect your first challenge is going to be getting hold of somebody with the authority to sign off the value of Customer Care Vouchers involved. From memory, I believe that a Lifeline Team Leader should be able to do so, but I think you'll find that they are very reluctant to do so, and it will be very hard to get anybody higher up onto the phone. If you cannot contact anbody senior enough through the Lifeline team, I would suggest escalating it through the CEO Office - this is a high level complaints team who theoretically report directly to Charles Dunstone - they can only be reached via email on [email protected] cpw.co.uk - they will contact Lifeline on your behalf and are generally pretty good at sorting issues out. When you do get somebody on the phone, the process you would want them to follow is for you to quote them a figure for cancelling the remainder of your Orange contract (you will probably need to write to Orange to ask for this to be calculated and sent out in writing). They should then raise this amount in Customer Care Vouchers and arrange for it to be sent out as a cheque. You could then pay this amount to Orange to cancel the contract. They may well deduct the value of the premiums to would have paid in the interim from the total value, although I think it more likely that they will not. They may also require you to return your handset to a CPW store as this needs to be returned for an ACP disconnection - although again, it is fairly likely that they won't. I have helped numerous customers with similar issues and almost always managed to resolve the issue. Generally, if you shout long and hard enough, they will take notice! If all else fails, I would suggest an email direct to Charles Dunstone (CEO of CPW). I have a direct email address for him but am unsure if I would be allowed to post it here - could somebody please advise? If not, PM me and i'll send it to you. I've involved him on several occasions on behalf of customers and found that things suddenly move extremely fast! Hope that helps - any other questions, i'l be happy to try to help
  5. Hi CPW O2 are based at Head Office - as listed above. Also, you might want to consider writing to "CEO Office" at the Head Office address as they are a team that deal with high level/escalated complaints - you can also contact them at [email protected] cpw.co.uk
  6. Unfortunately Hoose is right - I really feel for you but I can't see any way you can get out of the contract or get a replacement. The network are under no obligation to provide a replacement for a lost phone. Your insurance company would have been, had you notified the network in time. I can understand why they wouldn't cover any calls run up in that time but it seems harsh to refuse a replacement - nevertheless, i've seen it a hundred times before and I can't see them budging on it - sorry.
  7. Hi I'm sorry to hear that they did check with the network - they very often don't! But postgjj is right - you can get a new SIM on the contract for around £10 depending on network and will have to either use an old phone or buy a new Pay As You Go phone (but don't tell them you're going to swap the SIMs or they might refuse to sell it!) Unfortunately, losing the phone is not grounds to be able to cancel the contract - although it might be worth looking at the thread in this forum about cancelling vodafone contracts from 1st September based on call charge increases. Also - unless you call CPW Lifeline department to cancel your insurance, you will still be paying insurance on a phone you no longer have - probably around £30 per quarter! Hope that helps
  8. I thought it sounded like an ACP - makes more sense now! Am I right in thinking that the issue that they are denying that you ever requested an ACP disconnection and claiming that you never returned the handset to the store? If this is what they are saying, this could prove really difficult to resolve. What the Sales Consultant should have done at the same time as selling you the new contract is to phone the Lifeline department to arrange the ACP. This should then have been left on "open order" to be finalised the next day (I am assuming that the reason for returning the phone the next day was because you didn't have the manual, charger and box on you?) However, this often doesn't happen as this ACP shows as minus 1 connection for the sales consultant in their daily/weekly figures (although it doesn't affect commission). Therefore, many sales consultants prefer to leave this for a colleague to process when the customer returns! When processing an ACP, as I said, the SIM needs to be destroyed and sealed into the bag with the phone. Also, the terminal will automatically print both a receipt and a confirmation of cancellation which both need to be given to the customer. Did they do any processing at all when you returned the next day or just take the phone from you? I'm also a bit confused about the receipt you have with "trade-in" on it - a trade-in is completely different from an ACP - did you hand in another handset when you signed the contract or only the one for the ACP? And was his receipt given to you when you signed the new contract or when you handed your phone in? It sounds to me like the sales consultant possibly traded in your old handset to either discount your new phone or give you free accessories - this would then prevent an ACP from being carried out on this handset. Does your receipt for the trade-in have an IMEI number on it? If so, does it match the IMEI of the handset you handed in? It's a long shot but there is also a chance that the ACP was left on open order and then deleted. This can be traced through the system - store staff will tell you it can't but there is a way - customer care should be able to check this for you. Failing any record of it, it's going to come down to your word against their's unfortunately. As there were 2 of you, you stand a reasonable chance. Your best bet is to try to contact the area manager - they will need to process the ACP, write off the handset as lost and then raise customer care vouchers to cover what is owed to the network for the interim period. Whatever they tell you, the area manager has the authority to do this but will not be happy about writing off such a large loss. All area managers have CPW work mobile phones and the stores are allowed to issue these numbers to customers with issues - they may not be happy to do so however. If not, I would suggest speaking to a different store where the staff have no incentive to withold this information! Another route you might want to try is escalating it through the CEO office - this a specialist complaints team reporting directly to Charles Dunstone (apparently!) who are normally pretty good at sorting out issues - when they call the staff have to take notice. They can be reached on [email protected] cpw.co.uk - CPW try to make out that this email address goes direct to Mr Dunstone but it is in fact a generic address for the complaints team. I do have a direct email address for him but not sure if i'm allowed to post it here - will PM it to you if you want. I have used this direct email address in the past as a matter of final recourse for customers and always got a positive result. Hope all of that helps - if there's anything else you want to know then i'm happy to help - also it would help if you let me know roughly what part of the country you are in - I may know the area manager where you are and be able to give you their name.
  9. Re: Furkin's comment Although CPW are pretty back for things like that - I think on this occasion you're probably wasting your time complaining to CPW as Dial-A-Phone are owned by Phones4U and not CPW ;-) Unless it was OneStopPhoneShop or E2Save you meant - those are the online discount brands offered by CPW and offer much the same type of product as Dial-A-Phone - unreliable, dodgy refurbs and grey imports!
  10. Hi I'm no expert on the legal side of things but hopefully I can fill in some of the detail on how this might have happened - I worked for Carphone Warehouse as a store manager for several years so have a pretty good idea of how thier internal systems work (or more to the point don't work!) Firstly, if an "upgrade" was processed on your account, this could only be with the network as you were already with. Any move to a different network is a completely new contract and has no relation to the original one - even if the same number is kept. As only the named account holder can end a contract, an important part of the sales process for a new contract is making the customer fully aware of the process for cancelling any existing contract, usually 30 days notice in writing. Unfortunately, as CPW incentivize the sale of a new contract with approximately 3 times more commision than an upgrade, many of their less scrupulous staff will try to pass off a new contract as an upgrade and make no attempt to inform the customer of the cancellation process - their priority is simply to get the signature on the contract and get the customer out of the door. Secondly, on trading your phone in, official company policy is that the customer should keep the SIM card - this should never be left instore and is not required for a trade-in - again, this is an area often ignored through sheer laziness on the part of the sales consultant. The only reason that a customer should be required to leave their SIM card in a CPW store is if doing an 'ACP return'; this is a process whereby a customer with Lifeline Complete insurance can, at any point after the halfway point of their contract, return their phone and SIM to a store and CPW will pay off the rest of the contract on their behalf. Again, this is often used by the less scrupulous staff as a sales tactic. If a customer has an existing contract with Lifeline Complete, some sales consultants will offer an 'upgrade' which is in fact a complete cancellation and reslea of a new contract - again this makes the Sales Consultant around 3 times more money than a simple upgrade. Even if the SIM has to be left instore as part of a ACP return, CPW policy is that this SIM is cut in half through the chip, in front of the customer, taped to a compliments slip and sealed in the same clear bag as the phone. Thirdly, the bills run up in Romania are interesting. All trade in and ACP stock is sent back to the CPW main warehouse in Wednesbury. Having visited this facility, and without wanting to sound racist, a high proportion of the staff are Eastern European. Coincidence? So finally (and I do apologise for being so longwinded) I think that you were pushed into either a ACP return or just a new contract, which was quite possibly misrepresented as an upgrade. Then, the staff failed to follow CPW procedures by either failing to ensure your SIM was not in your trade-in phone or not destroying the SIM in front of you if an ACP return took place. Either way, your SIM would eventually have found its way to Wednesbury, where my suspicion is that one of the staff 'liberated' it ;-) Either way - sounds like negligence to me Hope that helps
  11. Hi Have come across this one a few times (i'm an ex Carphone Warehouse store manager for my sins!). The wording of CPW Lifeline insurance policies does not state that you have to notify the network within 24 hours of loss/theft - they only state that you need to notify the network within 24 hours of noticing the phone was missing. If you complied with this, then I would advise speaking/writing to the Lifeline team and asking for the appeal to be reconsidered bearing this in mind as too often this is missed during the initial claim. If it was longer than 24 hours between you noticing the phone was missing and reporting it then unfortunately, you are not covered. However, I know from experience that this information is taken on trust and almost never double checked with the network. Unless you have already explicitly told them that it was longer than 24 hours from noticing the phone was missing, you may still have a chance ;-) Hope that helps
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