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  1. Will let you know if my letter gets a reply folks,merry xmas thanks
  2. Just as i thought Bazooka, i have just written a lovely letter pointing these facts out. Didnt wish the **** a merry xmas, but i will you ! Anyone else confirm these points before i i send my letter?
  3. Hi all and Seasons Greetings I have just had a letter from Shoosmiths stating my file is being reviewed by Cabot Financial, their client. However, this was a ccj and my monthly payments were agreed by county court obviously. I have paid the amount ordered by direct debit for years now, but im being told the review is due as per the agreed 6 months period, ha ha. Im happy to carry on my d.d. but just wondered if this is legit considering this is a ccj? Im happy to fight as i am with the other xxxxxxxx's thanks to your previous great help; i really just need an idea how i respond to the low lifes. Thanks all Speckled Hen
  4. Cripes Nuke Em thats as heavy as Death Metal me old son:!:, you sure i can send something like that?. Oh yes i would like to very much indeed, being one who cherishes things from the dark side ( i jest) I'll continue my approach with the debt being in dispute with Equidebt, and send the cca too. Failing that, you get my next vote; guess what, no signatures ! By the way my phones gone quiet, wonder what the t..ts are up to?
  5. Thanks for the replies folks, CCA goes out today along with some letters of complaint too. Guess i can rely on you fine folk as this progresses. HNY to you all, belatedly i know !
  6. Hi Everyone I want to encourage all you newbie quitters to stick to your task and grasp the challenge ahead to a smoke free future. 3 years ago i was diagnosed with diabetes, so i was told to quit smoking.It took me a year before i convinced myself to do it and when i did, well to my surprise it wasnt that bad. I started on patches, highest available and stuck to the task for a month, during which time i forgot to put the patch on in the morning on 3 or 4 occasions. Even on days i forgot i was fine, so the following month i gave up the patch! Ive not had a fag (or a patch) for 2 years now, i feel great, climb flights of stairs without panting, get rid of colds in 3 days, but most of all i have a home that smells fresh (like the pubs now ?) and my clothes dont reak. I guess all i want to say is that the benefits far outweigh the visit outside on days like today, let least the saving in money. So go for it, stick your patch on (for a while at least) and Quit, i promise you it's worth it !!
  7. I have been sent a dubious copy of the CCA, the dates appear wrong and although my signature is correct it all looks way too 'clean' for a photocopy.Having had this, i sent a SAR to Equidebt, the last Collector chasing this account.They duly returned this late; i have not heard from them since. DLC obviously feel they have a case. I think i cannot send the advised letter from above as i have had the cca, any ideas now?
  8. Hi surprise, yes i am confused too. The original loan was via AA finance, but provided by hbos who i guess provide the service to AA. I would contact DLC but wanted peoples thoughts first.
  9. For the record, i did get a photo copied / printed pile of junk from the last dca chasing this, but all went quiet for the last year as it seemed they had given up.I explained to them the account was in dispute so i agree, but is time now sufficient to allow dlc to take over.More objectively, i need a tack quickly to challenge this latest bunch of cronies!
  10. Hi All Latest in my two year battle with hbos; DLC have bought the debt for a loan which i defaulted on due to divorce matters.Managed to shed 3 debt collectors so far with requests for credit agreements, SAR etc. This worries me though as it's a new tactic threatening my home.Please read attached letter and advise as im woried! dlc1.zip
  11. BRW Thanks for your response, i think it may look like a microfiche because i had to photograph the photocopy as i dont have access to a scanner,however there's a thought in what you say..... Weird thing is i dont remember signing it, but they would struggle to have got my signature elsewhere, so i must have, b....r it.
  12. Kyukodu thanks for that, i will send out a SRA tomorrow along with an offer i can afford and see where that gets me. By the way it took them 36 days to send the cca, can i put the account in dispute for that? Would love to see them playing with their ducks!! If any of you are into insane charachters get into Jeff Dunham, if you know him and his charachters i'd love to use Achmed the Dead Terrorist, or Peanut on the dumbwits when they call:lol:, problem is they only ring when im out these days?!! Regards to you all. SpeckledHen
  13. Hi last payment made including PPI would have been two years ago i think.Im not particularly concerned with this, more that the cca seems correct therefore i was asking what my next step is.Clearly Equidebt now want to set their own terms, which i shall fight to the death.No way will they get income expenditure details,i'd rather give them rubber ducks to play in the bath,that should amuse their little minds.So, what next guys? Thanks.
  14. Sorry about that, ive upped a zip file with doc inside, cant believe its this hard to upload a pic! P1020895ac.zip
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