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  1. Hillington Trade Centre- what a bunch of chancers.


    I went for a test drive in a white golf at the beginning of september- saw the car on ebay and there was not a chance the car was roadworthy.


    Suspect I may have looked at your Clio, as it was around that time, but in the end i got a much nicer, roadworthy car than anything avaiable at this dump- a disgrace to Glasgow.


    Never buy from there!!!

  2. Givin that the restaurant is closed for refurbishment I can see absolutly no issues with parking there, and to be honest if the guy had put up a sign saying no parking then I would probably comply with the request. However the fact that he has the arrogance to threaten people with what is an illegal act in this country makes me determined to wind the prick up, until he takes down the sign. And if, the first time I parked there he had been reasonable with me, I would be more reasonable with him.


    However I'm quite an argumentitive person, and am not one to give up.

  3. Well parked there again today, and had no problems!! Even had time to show the c**t my middle finger on leaving the car park :D (very mature I know...)


    However if he had chosen to block my car in then I may have ended up calling the police for obstruction, as apparantly a car park is a public area, where it is illegal to block somebodys vehicle in without permission (or something like that). And I am tempted to inform trading standards about this, quite simply cos the guys a pure tool.


    Scottish law is really great in banning clamps completely!

  4. Today I parked my car in a private car park in Scotland, which had a sign on entering warning that all cars belonging to people not using the restaurant would be clamped (with a release fee of £50). Needless to say I just abandoned my car in that car park anyway as it was empty, and I am also aware that clamping in Scotland is completely illegal.


    On returning to my car about 10 minutes later there was a man (from the restaurant I assume) demanding that I move my car immediatly, and that if I ever returned to the car park he would clamp me. I just told him to f*** off, shove his clamp n try me, to which he responded saying he would have my car clamped immediatly the next time the cars parked there.


    I would like to know whether it is legal for him to have signs up in his restaurant car park threatning to clamp, givin that the con of clamping is illegal in Scotland, and also whether my approach of telling him where to stick his clamp was the right approach.


    I will never eat in his restaurant again, but I will of course park in his car park again!

  5. When writing to the manager of the Co-Op you should mention that you are a regular customer at their stores, and that they will be losing out on your custom in future should they try to enforce this invoice, which you are not going to pay anyway.


    Common sense should tell them that if you were to spend £50 a week in their stores, this would amount to £2600 per year, whereas the ticket (if it was enforcable and you were to pay it) would only net them a couple of pounds, which makes it in their best interests not to lose you as a customer.


    If they do not see sense then you should simply just ignore all corespondance with the parking crooks.

  6. The Co-op now employ Euro-Car Parks to attempt to enforce these "restriction" in their car parks. It is a private parking company and therefore the invoice they have givin you is unenforcable. Just simply ignore it. Although if I was you I'd ask to speak to the manager of the Co-Op store, as I KNOW that they have the power to have this joke of a company stop harrasing you (and I'm sure they would not want to lose a customer because of this incident)

  7. Sorry for that little "indiscretion" although I believe that it is harsh to prosecute for simply having a phone in your hand as it is not any more distacting than changing a radio station or following sat-nav instructions.


    I actually believe that if mobiles are banned at the wheel then smoking should almost certainly be banned as this is far more dangerous.

  8. This is totally irrelevant, but i have found Euro Car Parks staff to be completely unhelpful on contacting them.


    I emailed the company around 3 weeks ago to question the validity of any ticket handed out to them and to question if they were aware that the signs they have up in a local Co-op car park were illegal (claim to be able to issue a penalty charge notice). The reply I got was "have you recieved a parking invoice from this car park". I replyed that this was irrelevant. I have now recieved an email from them telling me to stop wasting their time.


    I think this kind of attitude just shows that there is absolutly no point in getting involved in any kind of PPC, except to inform them that unless they begin court proceedings within 14 days, then any correspondance will be considered harrasment and will be reported to the relevant authorities.

  9. Hi,

    Anybody got any idea whether there are any regulations or guidelines which force councils to offer victims of PCN's to pay at the "discounted" rate after an appeal. My reason for asking is that on reading a PCN from Glasgow city council it states that "it is not possible to appeal and then pay at the discounted rate."


    I was under the impression that as soon as an appeal is lodged it effectivley "stopped the clock" on the discounted period, and therefore if the appeal failed then it would be possible to pay at the discounted £30 rate.


    Your advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Mark

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