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  1. Hi, thanks for you response. Would I find the information about the boundary on the house deeds? I've never looked at such a document, so how would the information be stated (if you know)? Also what do I do if it turns out that they are on 'our' property? To be honest I don't see them doing anything if we simply go round to see them, they probably wouldn't even open the door. If it is the case that the pipe is theirs then we will probably have to get another down pipe installed. It is just so damn annoying to have to do this though, they aren't even using any of the water. It is simp
  2. Hi everyone! I'm afraid that my second topic on this forum starts like my first thread. I'm sorry in advance if this is completely the wrong part of the forum for my issue and thank you in advance for reading my issue. This is basically another 'nuisance neighbour' issue but it also involves some damage to our property. My mother is very into gardening and as a result we have five water butts in our back garden. Before our current neighbours moved in the down pipe from the roof (which is in the middle of the two houses) was easily accessible from both properties. However shortly after the
  3. This quotation would suggest that we are 'breaking the law', but then so is everyone else who parks in their drives in our area. I guess this is just one of these things that can apply in certain situations and depending on people's opinions. Thanks everyone for your views on what I could do. I guess the people who live at 'G' are kind of right, there is nothing I can really do. If it gets worse (such as another car being parked across from us) then I think that the police may do something about it, although at the present moment I don't think that they will think it is a real 'offence'.
  4. Thank you for your responses, it really is much appreciated! This can be done, although it isn't easy. The road we live in is very busy (sometimes when reversing out you can have twenty cars pass by before you're able to reverse out) and we are very close to a bend in the road, where cars come bombing round the corner and have to brake sharply if there are any cars driving out of a driveway. In order to reverse in you would have to stop and reverse in, which can be terrifying if a car suddenly has to stop in front/behind of you. In response to 'sean the sheep' the road is not
  5. Post 5 (I need 5 posts to be able to post the image, so sorry!!!)
  6. Post 4 (I need 5 posts to be able to post the image, so sorry!!!)
  7. Post 3 (I need 5 posts to be able to post the image, so sorry!!!)
  8. Well it appears I can't get the image to show properly, does anyone know how a new user can post an image? Thanks.
  9. Hi, I'm new to this forum and I think that this is most relevant part of the forum for my problem (although it might not be, so sorry in advance if that is the case!). To try and explain my issue I've created this image on the area surrounding my house: I'm having a couple of problems trying to show the image, if it isn't showing above it is here: img511.imageshack.us/img511/9198/picture1so0.th.png To put it simply we have a nuisance neighbour (DIY late into the night etc.) and hence are not on speaking terms. They live at House G and as you can see, they own quite a few m
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