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  1. Cheers ODC, I was thinking along the similar lines. Maybe thats why they keep threatening with doorstep collection rather than taking it back to court. I'm also wondering if they (MH) have the right to try and collect in any case, seeing as the SLC have wrote to me saying the account has been passed onto Thesis Services. I'm sure this one will run for a while so I'll keep updating the thread thanks again
  2. Many thanks for the advice. There is a CCJ on the alledged debt, but its over 6 years since the judgement. No payment has been made on it. I feel its MH trying to bully me into paying up. I'm going to send them the doorstep collection template again, and see what their next move is. Thanks again
  3. Just thought I'd bump this to see if anyone can help
  4. Just thought I'd update....... After months of silence, MH have wrote to me again. They say my debt isn't statute barred because theres a CCJ on it, and I must pay up otherwise they'll send a doorstep collection round (despite me sending them the template regarding doorstep collections). They also claim I made a payment on some random date in 2004 (which I didnt). Coincidently on the same day as I received MH's letter, I also received a letter from the Student Loans Co saying they had passed all my details of accounts onto a company called Thesis Services, and that SLC would now no l
  5. Thanks very much babybear....almost looking forward to the old MH postcard now
  6. Just thought I'd update this thread now I've spoken to NDL Firstly I've not paid a penny towards this debt since it had a CCJ imposed on it. I tried to pay the SLC and repeatadly asked them for girobank style paying in slips that I could use to pay over the counter at a bank/post office(I didnt have a bank account at the time). They must have sent me over 20 letters with forms for direct debit / standing orders but not once did I recieve any girobank forms. My student loan is one of the 'old' style ones i.e its pre 1998 so the rules are different. The NDL advised me to only communica
  7. No problem So is there is strong likelihood I'll still end up paying this debt off or will it be written off now MH have got their grubby mits on it? Cheers
  8. Many thanks baby bear.....will post more details when I find out what national debtline say Thanks again
  9. Thanks alot. So even though the CCJ has dropped off my credit file will it still render my credit score as useless? What are the chances of Mackenzie Hall going back to court to re-instate the CCJ? Do I need to tell Mackenzie Hall theres a CCJ on this debt? Sorry so many questions its just playing on my mind....I'll probably get most of them answered by national debtline tomorrow but I'm an impatient so and so Thanks again8)
  10. Hi there, I also had a call from MH last week.Luckily I was driving at the time so the call lasted barely 10 seconds. They said they would ring back but as yet haven't. It was referring a Student Loans Company debt for £3k. There was a CCJ on this going back around 6 years. I haven't paid anything since getting a CCJ because despite numerous requests by me to the Student Loans Company for giro style paying in slips (I didn't have a bank account at the time) they kept sending me letters to set up standing orders and direct debits. I've checked my credit file and the CCJ has dropped of
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