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  1. ok will be settled wth Cabot on the 28th Im happy to have 3k knocked off the bill. Also cca Cahoot sent all relevant paperwork today received letter from Moorcroft basically saying full payment needed before legal proceedings in the county court are issued I was on a dmp with cccs but pulled out of that so has anyone got a template to send asking account details for setting up standing order for what i was paying last time regards
  2. hiya all Was on a dmp with cccs but decided to do my own so rang cabot to do a payment plan with them, mentioned and full & final total amount owed was 5600 but after a lot of haggling got the settlement down to £2600 which my parents have offered to pay they said they will email me in the morning the full and final letter. Just wundering what people think of the offer and is there anything i should be wary of, I told them that the letter must state it is full final and they noone will pursue the debt
  3. i thought they would do all the requesting i mean cl finance sent a letter saying they will obtain the info, so dont know if i should write to cahoot or not
  4. hiya just had another letter from Apex (formerly BCW) This was from a cahoot debt I had they wrote back saying I need to contact the client and send them the £1.00 postal order this was for a loan not overdraft so just woundering do i write to cahoot now Regards
  5. total £2100 and bank charges were £988.00
  6. we already have a claim in place for the charges which is obviously on stay due to court case so is it worth sending the sar request still. Also just received letter from CL Finance saying they have received our letter and are requesting info required
  7. ok sent all letters off on 29th July first one came back Apex (formerly BCW) Please forward all fees and requests for copy agreements direct to Royal bank of Scotland Now this debt was one of my wifes overdraft from Natwest, so do i send the same letter to the address provided now Cheers
  8. thanks scott for your detailed response very helpful, as i said my parents have offered me about 10k which represents 30% of the overall debt so hopefully after this excersie, I can send the offers out and they will be more willing to accept
  9. Just a couple of questions now the cca requests on typed. What happens if the companies cant obtain one do they just write debt off, And if they cant obtain one or go over the time limits do I inform CCCS to stop paying them and how would CCCS take this
  10. cheers i have found all the addresses now thanks for all your help and will keep in touch when i start receiving replies thanks again
  11. no still with cap one cheers for that one down
  12. hiya right im going to CCA all the debts got the template but does anyone have a link to where i can find all the addresses i need please
  13. cheers for that appreciate it, i think ill just cca all of them see what happens, when i get some responses ill let you know. Know what you mean about the sun its a hot one today
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