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  1. Great idea about the chaining - make sure you call all the newspapers/TV stations etc before to get them to film it. You might also consider making a formal complaint to the police - ie: fraud, taking money by deception etc. You might not get very far - but you can insist on them logging it and issuing a crime reference number etc. and possibly calling the bank etc. Make sure you make your case SIMPLE for the media. Take the one major thing the bank have done wrong - sucking the new funds out of your account for example - and press that point. Give them some great sound bites. Y
  2. Well done FedUp. If I were you, I would throw EVERYTHING you can at them PR-wise ASAP to get them scarred. Plus everything else I outlined and more. These things do not cost much money; nor too much time - and you benefit greatly. They will have scores of folks like you on their books - and the ones that kick-up a fuss they will most likely relent with. The problem maybe that their contract MAY be very tightly worded, and have clever clauses that EXCLUDE anything else they may every say or put to you in writing. Legal action must always be the very, very last resorts as it's ver
  3. Hi Fedup, sorry to see you are having troubles. You are not the only one I'm sure! The problem is the banks are now desperately hoarding cash - as they themselves are in danger of not being able to pay their commitments, and go bust themselves. So they are pulling all the stops out. When things are going well, the say all sorts of things and the happy bank loan "salespeople" will lend anything to anybody. But once the s**t hits the fan, these folks get the boot, and the lawyers/accountants come in. They are ONLY interested in the letter of the contracts they have with you, and will b
  4. Yes - send a cost schedule in advance via fax and post to both the DCA and the court. That's the rules/law, and you should stick to the right way of doing things. Some folks have got no costs, as they just applied on the day. Don't worry about "revealing" your costs to the DCA. Their different depts don't talk to each other. Search on the forums for a good costs letter - and see my other posts. There is on reason why you can't be self-employed for a few days; or working as self-employed on your days off. You could get work fixing someones computer; painting and decorating etc at
  5. Got my cheque today for £425 from CapQuest for my SD set-aside costs. Very satisfying! But I was a little miffed they paid so quickly, as I had the forms ready to send the bailiffs in. Let me say again - the Judge had no problems with my cost claim, and just signed the order. I claimed 25 hours at the LiP rate of £9.25; plus half-days off work etc to take the docs to court and attend the hearing. Plus other travel, photocopy expenses etc.. There is no reason you could not claim other items as well: ie. internet access etc. And if you earn't say £15K pa; but on your holidays from
  6. Well - got my cheque for £425 from CapQuest today!! Very funny - been showing it to by friends who are in disbelief and asking how they can get CapQuest to send them a SD!!! I was actually a bit miffed they sent in so quick. Even before the hearing I sent them a "last warning before bailiff action"; and I had worked-out how to send the bailiffs in if needs be. Would have been very satisfying. I've been fortunate - others here have had to make do with £25 and the like. I'll be making a donation for all the help from this site.
  7. This is one of the most amazing videos I've ever seen!! Everybody should watch it to get a much wider picture of what's going on.
  8. Have you ever wondered WHY there is so much DEBT in the world? Why does the UK government (and those around the world) allow so many companies and individuals to run-up such huge debts? And why are they happy for SOME of those folks to go bankrupt? Do watch this fascinating animated documentary that explains clearly how banks are allowed to CREATE money by issuing DEBT; and through this, make huge fortunes and take control of our lives. It will give you a really great understanding of how finance works - and why the government in HAPPY to see you in debt and for some of you to go bust!
  9. You don't need evidence of your costs - but the judge would have to consider them reasonable etc. 7 days or so before the hearing you should send your list of costs you are going to claim to the court and the respondent (the folks who issued you with the SD). Search on this forum to find a sample cost request letter. I claimed and won £425 in costs!! Hearing is very simple - and the other side may not even turn up. On the earlier point about the date you have to return the form by - the 18 days starts from the date you claim you received the SD. You can swear this date on your a
  10. This is a great thread. I've just WON my SD case (see the WON section). And I was granted £425 in costs!! And the other side never even turned-up. The judge just signed the order and that was that. Now CapQuest have 14 days or I'm sending the bailiffs round So claim ALL your costs - the judge might reduce them if he/she thinks their excessive; but on the other hand, they seem ****ed with the DCA's, and so are minded to just OK the costs, especially when the other side have not turned-up.
  11. Thanks Prudence - it seemed you did a good job as well! At least formally complain to the FOS (see other posts) - which means that the FOS levy a £450 fee to CQ simply to investigate the matter!
  12. Thanks 42man. Could you perhaps put the £425 in the subject of the thread? That's the bit I'm particularly proud of!! Thanks.
  13. Thought I'd post this here first - and then it can be moved to the WON section. Won my set-aside case yesterday in the High Courts of Justice in the Strand! Took just 5 mins. Normal rubbish from CapQuest - no evidence whatsoever; statute barred; and they send a silly letter rather than turn-up in person. ie: saying they could not proceed with the SD as they had no evidence! ...needed time to go and find it etc.. etc.. The interesting thing was, the judge seem to have no interest in what I had to say at all, and just scanned the paperwork. When I started quoting from my statement
  14. I think their email may well put you in a good position. Technically, it may not have discharged you of your liability, but the Ombudsman may sway in your favor. Even the courts my look favorably on it - esp if the email say clearly that the WILL get the mandate signed. And in any case, it would be the bank who would take you to court - and they may not do that. You might hit them with a SAR under the DPA, to get all the internal emails/phone calls/letters they have about you. This could scare them off - and might reveal some useful info. Good luck.
  15. I am no expert in these matters - but I have some experience with this sort of situation. The first point is to disengage the word "moral" with "bank". This is not a criticism of them - rather just a statement of what a commercial organization is. That said, banks do not always pursue personal guarantees [PG], especially where they feel that the biz has failed in a genuine way and no one has tried to "do them over". I had a PG with Barclays, and I owed them £80K when my biz went bust after 5 years. They never pursued me. They told me that as I had run my account well, and the biz had
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