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  1. thanbks mate i have a questionare printed off ready but where can i get the spreadsheet
  2. thanks Guys it says on the letter template i have qoute I am writing in relation tothe above payment protection (PPI) policy which I believe was mis-sold to me. should i change PPI to asset payment protection or leave it as it is. also not sure of the adress i need to send to (tsb gold credit card)
  3. hi peeps i have recieved a massive load of paper work from my bank tsb with all my history, looking over it i found a credit card agreement at the bottom theres a tick in a box that says asset payment protection and statements with the charge on it every month can i claim on this ?
  4. Hi guys i have had a reply back from barclays saying roughly that they cant find any information but they can see that i had barclaycard products so they have sent my request to the relevent department then shortly after i recieved a letter from barclaycard customer services saying unfortunatly we are unable to process your request due to the reason ticked below and the tick box says (qoute) we are unable to locate an account relating to this request based on the information provided based on that i got on the phone to barclaycard services and gave them every possible postcode and adress i have ever lived and still they cannot find anything is it over guys should i just let it go or is there another stage i can move on to
  5. A little concerned after looking at the fos questionnaire it seems to be pretty detailed' i wouldn't want to enter the wrong details' is there a guide that i can follow whilst filling this in. and also dx mentioned a letter that should be sent with the fos questioner where can i find this?
  6. yes that's a different post for myself this post is for my stepfather
  7. not sure where i can get the info for calculating the refund due
  8. thats superb i never new goldfish was part of barclays ?
  9. great your a start lets start shouting lol can you give me the correct adress for lombard direct goldfish and Natwest
  10. yes 3 different loans i will try and calculate thanks for your help will keep you informed might need some help where to send each letter he has lombard direct goldfish and natwest
  11. just been down to his house i was shocked he has all the paper work 3 loans in all ' all with ppi what should his next move be as he is not very good face to face or on the phone so correspondence would be better
  12. Hi guys whilst i was preparing my SAR letter i have mentioned this to my step father' unfortunately 3 years ago my stepfather had around £20k in debt this was loans from his bank and several different credit cards ' in the end he got an IVA to reduce the payments and resently he came into some inheritance so was able to pay it all off where do we start with a PPI claim ?
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