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  1. I have spoken to the court. They have no record of it being discontinued but they have a 3 week backlog
  2. I agree with you citizen. They did attach a copy of the discontinuance form they say they have sent to the court. I have made a (small) donation to cag by way of thanks
  3. Its still at Northampton . There is no phone number on the AOS form
  4. I have just had a look and it is still active. I only got the letter on Saturday though. I will have a look tomorrow. If it isn't what do you suggest my best course of action to be?
  5. I received a notice of discontinuance this morning. Thanks for all of the help and advice. I will be making a donation to CAG by way of thanks
  6. Ok ignore that last post I got in eventually. It is asking me if I want to make a counter claim. Should I?
  7. Help I cannot log onto MCOL to post my defence. I know I am typing the correct claim number and password
  8. OKKKKKK Where can i get a holding defence and what then? Sorry as I said I am new to this so treat me like the imbecile that I am
  9. I am looking at an embarrased defence, I hope that is the correct one to go for. Would you reccomend that I put in a claim for costs at the same time. I appreciate your help and ask that you be patient with me as this is all new to me
  10. Ok it has been 1 week since the CPR request was signed for. Nothing heard back. What is my next move?
  11. Ok CPR13 request amended to include the items above and will be posted tomorrow. What happens next?
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