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  1. Well after emailing Jeremy Darroch (CEO), I received a response the same day. They have agreed to refund the telephone connection charge of £105, and are giving us 12 months free line rental.
  2. Sounds so similar to mine, only with mine the muppet at the other end did not do telephone first. I did get a response from customer relations on Tuesday, they said they where going to speak to the department and would ring me back that afternoon, that was four days ago. It is so frustrating, everyone I have spoken to in sky admits it was Sky's fault and they all say that I need to speak to customer relations, these same people who never actually do anything.
  3. Wow, I must be flavour of the month, just received another letter from a completely different company, to a completely different person. This time it was Buchanan Clark + Wells, now we have been in the house for four years and have received nothing from these guys, Lowell Portfolio (pursuers), or HSBC (creditor) so they must know the person does not live here. Clear phishing exercise.
  4. I would never create a Direct Debit for a DCA, legally though I am sure it would be classed as you withdrawing the cash in respect to Direct Debits or Standing Orders.
  5. Yes 6 years from the date of default, whether or not you have settled the account. I made the mistake of trying to keep accounts out of default when I lost my job, it just delays the agony.
  6. More that they knowingly took our money even though they knew we would be unable to complete within the deadline.
  7. We are going through the process of trying to buy a house on the Catalyst scheme. On the 15 April 2009 we paid £500 to a builder as a reservation on a house and filled in a reservation form in which they specified an unconditional contract exchange was to happen in May (the end of May gave us seven weeks) now they knew at the time that there was a delay with Catalyst of at least five weeks. Out of ignorance we thought this was okay as we believed that after this 5 weeks we could sign the contracts. Apparently this is not the case and there is a further step with Catalyst which the builders new
  8. Do you mean in terms of Direct Debits, standing orders and the like?
  9. I can see you quaking in your boots:-) It still disappears from your credit file after six years whether you pay it off or not.
  10. On the subject of the DPA, I had an interesting chat with Experian the other week and the very helpful advisor volunteered a little piece of information. Whenever you apply for finance and are turned down, you are entitled to appeal that decison. Now in communication with various mortgage companies, so many of them say that there is no appeal if you are turned down for a mortgage:eek:
  11. It is true about Faccenda loosing money, you see now everyone is buying free range chicken, the battery hen side of his business is loosing money, leaving Hillesden and DLC as the only part of his (rather small) empire which is actually making any money.
  12. Sorry to say this but as far as Orange are concerned the contract is with you, they cannot chase your friend as their is no agreement with her. You gave your address to your bank, who pass it on to the CRAs, Orange go to them when they discover you are not living at the old address and get it from there. The only way you could get the money back would be to try to obtain it from your friend either by speaking to her about it and trying to come to some form of agreement or by going through the small claims court, the judge MIGHT accept that as her bank account was on the application,
  13. No surprise really, I worked for them for a short while back in the nineties, they really are only interested in the bottom line. The only good thing about them is of all my defaults a few years back these guys were the only ones stupid enough to let the debt get statute barred before contacting me.
  14. We had this a few years back with them, we moved and they put us onto ADSL, which we cancelled as soon as we could. Even then they continued to charge us claiming they were still supplying a service, then they tried blaming Sky. The worst part we had with them is that our house doesn't have an aerial just cable from a shared mast so we plugged in and started watching, one day we had a guy come round who told my wife that the service was provided by NTL and we had to pay to use it and that she must sign the contract there and then or he would cut us off, now my wife isn't a native English
  15. Couldn't agree more, this is the only default left on my credit file (satisfied) yet they keep phoning me (illegally) offering me a credit card.
  16. Tried that as well, phoned HSBC and told them that I had lost my job and that as the payments where more than I would get in a month there was no way I could pay and could we come up with a temporary solution. The reply "you can't default on your loan". I tried, cost them £3,000 in the end.
  17. Unless I have missed something whilst reading, this debt should NOT appear on your credit file. Defaults should be removed from your credit file 6 years after they start even if it has not been satisfied. DCAs may like to argue otherwise but I have been told this by an IFA and Experian themselves.
  18. ^ Babybear beat me to it^ take your personal info out of the letter
  19. After being in debt a few years ago, I instantly recognised the answer phone message I received today which went along the lines of "Message for Mr ...... could you call me back on 08443729671 quoting account number 123456789" Knowing I have no outstanding debts, I phoned to check anyway and before responding to any questions asked who it was, and was told EOS Solutions, quick Google whilst on the phone and yes they are a DCA and they asked did you get call on this number I said yes and they asked me is that "road name", as it happens we used to live on that road 4 years ago but now we li
  20. As you say, send it in writing and as recorded delivery. They tried saying we didn't cancel in writing(we did). They also claimed that they were still providing an ADSL service to the house, this was clearly a lie as Sky are our providers now and it would be impossible for us to connect if both companies were providing the service.
  21. They don't always send something to sign. I have one and the only thing I have signed is the back of the card.
  22. Sorry, I should also mention that I have been paying them regularly for the past six years and so I am frankly disgusted at their attitude all of a sudden.
  23. They may never cash it as it will cost hem more to cash it than the cheque is worth.
  24. A couple of weeks ago, MCS contacted me about an outstanding loan of a few thousand pounds. They initially offered me a 30% discount if I settled in three weeks, I explained to them that this was impossible, they then said well how about 50% to which I agreed to see if I could raise the funds. I regard this as being a verbal contract (I have the name of the staff member). I managed to get hold of the money but didn't receive anything in writing from them, I got in touch with them last week to ask for something in writing before I paid anything and was told that they had sent a letter.
  25. I would strongly recommend that anyone who is on a prepayment meter looks at Ebico, they do not use a standing charge for your meter unlike the others. It could potentially save you a lot of cash. Oh and no I don't work for them this is just from personal experience having saved 33% on my first bill.
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