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  1. Gosh it was a long time ago that I started this thread and was just browsing through really old bookmarks. I had my ET on the 14/15 this week. I will right up what has happenned for anyone who is still around and is interested but dont have the time right now. The Judiciary are meeting in chambers to decide my case on the second of March as we ran out of time yesterday but will still tell more about this case later. Hope all are well.
  2. Hi there. Just a quick update on the situation. Sent off an ET1 and the "unfair dismissal" part of my claim has been accepted, but not the DD part as I hadnt put in a grievance about this. Thats now been done and will be re-submitting that part of my claim in 28 days.
  3. Haha...Maybe your right Cal. Just had an email back saying they have "laptop problems" !! UPDATE After I made the original request, and receiving the answer above, I was sent minutes of the meeting which was held at my house !! Im sure thats not what I asked for !! Anyway, after emailing back stating this, I received the following reply : "There were no notes kept of such meetings nor would there be any requirement for these. Any detail in respect of discussions with the Medical Officer on your condition and possible return to work, have been given to you in the form of the
  4. Yes you are right. Also spoke to a couple of solicitors today also and they seem to think I have a pretty strong case. As for the email, they had 5 hours to reply today but nothing so far. Should give them something to think about if nothing else !! As for forging minutes of meetings, they are not intelligent enough !!
  5. Thanks Cal. Update Just sent off an email to HR regarding audit trail of any discussions that took place regarding alternatives to dismissal : "As you are aware my appeal is on Monday. As management had had no discussions with me about my illness or absence prior to my dismissal, I would like to request to see the audit trail of any discussion(s) that took place in my absence regarding alternatives to dismissal. Im sure in a case as serious as mine where I have been dismissed from my job after nearly 9 years, that minutes were taken at these discussions as it must have been an i
  6. Thanks Elche for the luck - haha but yes we both know what is going to happen ! Im not being represented at the appeal as I dont think it warrants it. If they give me my job back then fine, but if not then its obvious where this is heading. I will have legal representation at my ET, which I am sure will be in London. Of course yes I will keep you posted. The plot thickens !!
  7. Thanks Elche. I have my appeal on Monday so I will let you know what happens. I dont think there is much chance of being re-instated at this hearing as it is being held by another Manager who works with the one that dismissed me, and also the same lady who attended my dismissal hearing. They are the only 2 managers that work together on a day to day basis in the same office so I doubt very much that this managers mindset is going to be any different from the others. I would rather take my chances at a tribunal so do not want to give too much away at my appeal, apart from asking them if there i
  8. Yes they are aware of this and the appeal will not be held by the same person...
  9. Yes...Thats what Ive had to work with for the past 9 years !!
  10. Hi...Just an update in whats going on. I had to phone my company today due to the fact I had not received my letter of dismissal - they had sent it to the wrong address. No suprise there. Eventually I got them through email, and Ive posted them below together with the medical report. Any opinions on their case would be most helpful as usual. Letter Of Dismissal I am writing further to our meeting which was held on Monday 28th July 2008 when we discussed your future employment with ********. ****** *****, Employee Relations Manager was also in attendance. We discussed the lates
  11. Thanks Elche...Will update as and when anything new...Thanks again.
  12. Hi Jase. I dont believe I can negotiate a redundancy settlement because I havent been made redundant, I have been fired ! The job in itself is not causing my illness but is a contributing factor, and now even more so because of their actions. The reason they should try and make alternative arrangments for my employment i.e. Move me to another position within the company - is because under the DDA, they have to. As elche mentioned, they will have to show some kind of audit trail to prove that they seriously considered the possibility of moving me to another position, not just say to a tribunal
  13. Thanks again elche...your very helpful. I will keep you and anyone else informed of any developments.
  14. Thanks for your comments and advice Elche, really helpful. I am doubting very much that my bosses will be able to provide any kind of audit trail for seriously discussing moving me to another position, as like I said he nearly swallowed his tongue when I brought up this matter. Im wondering what your opinion is about them finding out that I would intend to use this argument at an ET, and them falsifying that they did indeed seriously discuss this matter ? What is stopping them from doing that post-dismissal ?
  15. Thanks for your opinion Coniff. I am under the impression that yes, they could of made reasonable adjustments quite easily within the company - the fact that over the 2 months I have been off they have made no attempt to meet with me to even discuss this matter I find incredulous. I think over the last 2 months I have received in total 1 phone call and 2 emails - the last of the emails confirming the meeting at my house. Like I stated previously, with the resources available to them, Im sure there is a lot more they could of done for me being the long standing employee that I was. Hi Elch
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