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  1. I have today received a letter from the csa stating my case is now closed (19 years is up) but however as i have arrears they will be going over my accounts and i will be hearing from them in due course. I phoned them and they state the figure is some £1460 in arrears,i dispute that by about a hundred pounds going by the last letter they sent me concerning accounts. Nearly all the arrears were accumulated by the time it took them to work out assesments whilst i was working,in those 19 years i was made redundant 5 times,so i also spent time seeking work,paying them the £5-40 or so per week minimum. Now,since dec 2006 i have been in receipt of income support/incapacity benefit/disability allowance(this goes towards my car) due to having COPD,chronic obstructive pulmanory disease and i will never work again,im 54 by the way. I asked the debt dept of the csa what figure they were looking at to clear the arrears,they stated approx £57-00 per month over 2 years. I told them i would offer £5-00 per month due to my income and outgoings,they said that doesn`t come into it,i asked for an income/expense sheet to prove my income/outgoings and they said we do not have any such sheets. So advice needed,is it best to go to court and let a judge see my income/outgoings,the csa did also state they would sent in the bailifs(the enforcement dept told me that),i told them i do not own my home i rent it and anything that is here is on a form of hire purhase with different stores,i don`t own a car,it is a motability car,so what would you do?
  2. That Pompeyfaith is the best bit of reading i have come across, considering my severe medical condition it is very informative.
  3. Well 42man there would have been a financial loss.....out of my pocket.!!!!! The law as it stands is very specific,this "so called debt" was just on Barclaycards database ,no other information was held,no history of any payments on the "debt",no history of the ccj or warrant of execution taken out by Barclaycard in 1994,no history of their righting off the "debt" in 1994 by letter to me. They did however sell my name,address and telephone number associated with this "debt" which is against the law as the "debt" in theory does not exist. What Barclaycard and Lowells did not reckon on was someone keeping ALL correspondence from 1994 concerning the "debt",and note that from 1994 until december 2007 Barclaycard NEVER once wrote or phoned me concerning the "debt". The complaint to the FOS was very simple ....Barclaycard by selling my data broke the law,at no time did they ask me if they could sell my personal data and i did not at any time state they could sell my data. p.s. Thanks for the reputation point,all welcome!!!!
  4. The FOS telephoned me today and told me that Lowells and Barclaycard have both been cautioned over their underhand tactics of trying to enforce a debt which stems back to 1994. In my case,Barclaycard have been told to purchase the debt back from Lowells and right it off ...this by the FOS. Concerning Barclaycard selling my personal data to a third party i have been offered a settlement sum for their wrong doing and for all the hassle that should never have happened. So up yours Lowells and i suggest Barclaycard get their house in order and any-one who also is suffering from their underhand tactics to complain to the FOS if you know you are 100% correct. It seems that DCA`s will just play you on a merry go round so i also suggest that you send the OC and the DCA the correct letters ,templates on here,as soon as you realise you are right and not them. Always stipulate "you have 10 working days to reply",then if you receive "b---s---" back or no reply go straight for the jugular and get them slapped with the £400 investigation fee aswell. Considering Lowells bought over 100,000 barclaycard debts,there must be alot of people in the same position i was in so if you are one of those people,stand up and complain to the FOS.
  5. I like the bit"an agent will be despatched"....i wonder if he/she is coming first or second class or by recorded delivery?
  6. I have just received a letter from the FOS stating that my case against Barclaycard and Lowells will be investigated by nov 12. I have claimed £1000 against Barclaycard for selling my data to a third party who had no paperwork to enforce payment and the debt was 16 years old. My specific claim is that the data held by Barclaycard was a contract between me and them and as such my personal data ....address.tel no.etc etc should not have been sold to a third party without my knowledge or my permission. My argument is that who the hell knows now where all my personal details will end up?
  7. I hope you posted it special or recorded delivery,if not they will just deny receiving it.
  8. Why are you still P****** about with these useless idiots,do exactly what i have done,you know you are not liable for the debt,you state you have sent them letters to say so and they could not care less,they will continue for ever to harrass you:-Send every piece of evidence you have received from them with a formal complaint letter to the financial ombudsman service,send Lowells a letter stating that this matter has been passed to the FOS and you will have no dealings with them whatsoever,please direct any correspondence to the attention of the FOS.
  9. Well after 6 weeks of waiting,my phone never appeared from the repairs so i suggest any-one who experiences any problems with getting something fixed to do this:- E-mail Amanda donaldson at Kesa electricals,she is directly in contact with the managing director,explain your utter disgust at comets customer service and hopefully like i did you will get a FULL refund and a very apologetic letter.
  10. Today i received this from RW:- Please accept our sincere apologies we never returned your £1-00 postal order. Enclosed is the postal order as they did not have a cca,have they turned over a new leaf not taking a free £1-00?
  11. Oh well!! Not to worry,im sure to get withdrawl symptoms not getting any more blue and white envelopes but it just goes to show how useful this forum and the frequenters of it are. So "up yours robinson way".
  12. So after thinking about their letter,what are the chances of me claiming all the £5-00 per month i have paid them over the time they have had the account,surely they had no legal ground to take any money from me?
  13. Letter received from Robinson Way today:- Dear MR ***** We refer to the above account and acknowledge your recent communication. Having reviewed your comments,we can now advise you that we have closed your account in our files and you will receive no further communication from ourselves in this matter. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us. Yours faithfully Collections Manager. So thank-you to all on this forum,obviously RW did not have a cca nor did they have any knowledge of the 14 year old ccj. I just saved myself nigh on three thousand pounds thanks to the advice on here.
  14. The content of his posts, oh so remind me of the content in dca`s letters...Total C**P.
  15. 20-30 bracket!!!!!!!!!!!! What`s that their IQ......????? No that`s too high.
  16. Who in their right mind gives a S**T about their credit rating? Come to that,who in their right mind gives a S**T about dca`s and their under achieving staff?
  17. Sounds like a 28 year old non qualifield moron.Oh look mr supervisor in went into cag last night,who did you say i was looking for....i forgot!!!!!!!
  18. So Comet state that the phone has been repaired but the repair is a chargeable one to me. I have told them i will not pay for the repair as i consider it :-1. To be normal usage wear and tear....2.It was taken back within the 12 month warranty. They have said well if you do not pick it up nokia will just scrap it. So any thoughts on my action plan and any thoughts on the law .
  19. This is the second such post concerning the "auction and bid for your account" in a week,lowells must be churning out a new idea.
  20. Well their time has officially expired to answer my cca request.No correspondence from them whatsoever on the subject so it`s off to the post office to post the "you have failed to provide the cca in the time specified,it`s now in dispute." No more payments to you mr robber ****.!!!!
  21. Read my post in "how to annoy a dca...payback time"...that is how you answer security questions.
  22. "I will only communicate in writing" "I will only communicate in writng" JUST KEEP ON SAYING THAT LINE ONLY but personally i would not answer the phone. There is a letter template to send them if you so wish telling them to stop phoning or else.
  23. A simple question but as laws and working practices change is it still Mon-Fri classed as five working days or does Sat now come into the equation. As dca`s open all day saturday for phone calls surely this must be a working day.
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