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  1. Hi everyone.... I was browsing the web a couple of weeks ago and was looking at the WW website.... Saw a free 2 week trial of their online club and thought I would have a look - after all, it was just a free trial! So I joined - had to give my bank details (card details) and that was that.... 2 weeks later, having not been back to the site even once, WW have taken £49-95 from my account which was my working families tax credit and now I am struggling to feed my family this week. Called head office who explained that they had every right to take this... I looked at the website and sa
  2. hiya Scatz - Yes - I had said to my husband today that that would be my next plan of action!!!! Thank you for your good advice - I may also contact the RCN as well because I know that they are able to help sometimes with financial advice! Thanks again Any further advice about next step with the bailiff would be gratefully received.... I know the general rules regarding bailiffs - but dont know whether I should ignore the notice through my door?, write a letter? or call the bailiff? I find it depressing having to hide from bailiffs in my own home - and it effects the children. O
  3. thank you for your advice Tom tubby - as my husband lives at our address, we only get a 25% discount for the C Tax. I am in process of backdating some of that so arrears will drop. Have also wrote a letter to council stating my income/expenses and said that despite the court order I will now drop my arrears repayments from £200 per month to £50 per month and accompanying statement clearly shows that this is all I can afford. Am in a predicament at the moment because my husbands work has dried up - always does this time of year, and we are still getting £70 working tax credit which I think now
  4. BURP - I totally agree with you.... Basically I moved out of my parents house when I was a very silly 16 yr old with my then boyfriend - now husband and we were really crap with money!!! We were totally irresponsible and got ourselves into lots and lots of debt. 15 years later and for the past 9 years, we have been robbing peter to pay paul so to speak. We dont owe huge credit card bills (mine is at its £500 limit), we owe money to the ones that we shouldnt owe money too such as rent arrears, council tax arrears, water arrears, court fines (just the TV licence ones) and my husband owes a r
  5. thank you. Can anyone suggest a possible letter template to send to Marstons to offer the full amount paid over 6months?
  6. Hello everyone, I haven't been on for a while - had problme with horrible bailiff but sorted that out now.... Have another bailiff knowcking now I had a TV licence fine (fair enough, i have lots of debts and TV licence wasnt at the forefront of my mind to be honest). Then about 2 months after that my TV licence direct debit returned and TV licence was cancelled - so got prosecuted again for it. My problme is that I now have a Marston group bailiff who has been to the house once while I was at university and I owe them £900. I knew this was coming - so I called Marst
  7. Hi, As some of you may know, I am a student nurse who has had financial problems recently. I just have a question about council tax discount. I know I am entitled to a 25% reduction as I have a husband living with me. I informed the council of this last year but have only just supplied them with the evidence they needed to actually give me the discount. This is because I have been waiting for my university to supply me with a copy of the proof I needed. I am expecting for the council to say to me that because I have only just given them proof; that they will not back date
  8. This was my thoughts as well! IF the letters all state that they were giving me 24 hours to pay otherwise a removal team would attend, then surely the removal team haven't attended!!! Otherwise I would have come home to a letter stating that a removal team HAD attended? I must say what funny banter this site sometimes has between members!!! Very entertaining for the rest of us to read!!! :grin:
  9. u think the fees are normal? I dont understand what the actual name for certain visits is. ie - attendance charges, visit charges etc.... The only thing I know is that I have never been at home when the bailiff has turned up. I have had 3 letters through my door, each one stating that I had 24 hours to pay or a removal team would attend out of office hours.... Nothing else at all happened.... Do these fees cover that? I dont think I will go to the CAB - Tomtubby has been ever so helpful to us with these problems. I am happy to follow any advice she can give as I know she knows everyth
  10. ok... so I had a reply from the bailiffs today... Refused to tell me bailiff certificate number or court where he was certificated (??) at, just gave me his name. Refused copy of warrant - said that both of these were available to me at the door as bailiff had copies of both which is required by law. However they said that they are not required to send copies to me now. They have explained their fees as follows... Original Debt £95 Letter application £13.26 inc VAT Visit fee
  11. Should I phone bailiffs office and ask if they are sending me breakdown of fees? Thanks Caz
  12. UPDATE: Thanks to help from tomtubby, it now looks like my out of time request has been accepted as the council failed to respond within the time limit allowed! However, i also received today a receipt from the bailiff company for my £10 postal order that I sent with the SAR. They have used it for the debt! I assume that they will not now give me a breakdown of the fees - whats my next step regarding this? Thanks Caz
  13. thank you very much for your replys. I cant call tec til wednesday as I am working all day on tuesday and have no phone access.... But I will def call them wednesday to see whats happening... Thank you all so much for all this advice - I appreciate the time it takes and cant believe that you all spend time to give strangers such good advice! Thank you again Caz x
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