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  1. I forgot to mention that I also followed your advice and complained to my Local Trading Standards regarding Lowell's so they do have a record of my complaint against them. If they were to continue to harrass me I was to go back to them. xx
  2. Dear All I thought I would update you, since my last posting and my request for my CCA, Lowell have finally written back:............ " we refer to your recent request for a copy of the original credit agreement for this account. After liasing with the Abbey National in an effort to obtain this document we have been advised that it is no longer available due to the length of time since the account was opened with you. At this time we have closed our file and will not make any further contact with you concerning payment against this account unless the copy of the ageement is recei
  3. Is there a standard letter I could use to send to these people, with regards to this info?? Also is it leeds Trading Standards I would have to write to complain to if they persist in harrasing me? or do I send them a copy of Red's latest letter and make a complaint straight away??
  4. Hi Thank you for this information, it is very helpful. I will not send the SB letter as hubby thinks this will be admitting to the debt and they have not proved to me what the debt is or even if they own it. I will write to them stating the above information. Do I send this recorded also? Thanks so much for all your help it has stopped me from really getting stressed out with these demands. THANK YOU X:)
  5. Hi Tiglet Hubby did not want me to send the SB letter as he wanted to wait for a reply from Lowell - then Hamptons Legal - Now Red!! I got the standard reply as expected and the 12 days have well & truly passed. I sent the reminder letter stating the 12 days have gone etc which they received on 2/10 I have received a reply from Red stating they do have the 12 days then also have another 30 days in all 42 days to respond to my request. which I reckon will be on the 22nd Oct. They will contact me in due course regarding my request. Do I wait and see if they come up with the OCA the
  6. Hi Tiglet thanks for your info. I have just checked my experian file the six yr date from "default" was yesterday so have requested for them to remove it from my file. I will send the SB letter tomorrow Recorded Delivery.
  7. Hi Tiglet/Godmother Thank you for all your advice. I decided to send them the letter asking for a copy of my original Credit Agreement and stating the 12 days and included the £1 postal Order this was sent on the 10 Sept and sent recorded delivery and recieved on the 11 sept. I did not sign the letter as suggested by other postings. I today recieved a reply from Lowell dated the 16th Sept saying they are requesting a copy of the agreement form the original lender whith whom I originally entered into the agreement. "While we endeavour to reply to you with the required information
  8. Hi Tiglet / Godmother, I am reluctant to contact them directly as I don't want to invite more aggressive tactics. Don't particularly want to end up in court either! At the time of the court hearing I did add a note on the experian credit file explaining why the account was in default and giving the name and address of my ex along with the case number and court name. I have checked recently and it's still there. Do you think that will be sufficient? I feel very reluctant to put my head into the lion's jaws, I don't trust them in way shape or form, so is there is anything else I can do bef
  9. Hi All, Following on from post 37 I have had acouple of further letters inviting to make a payment which I have ignored. This morning I received a letter from Hamptons Legal (part of Lowell Fin) stating that they will obtain a a copy of my credit file from Experian and then decide which form of legal action to take. The letter then goes on to say that if I'm a homeowner (I'm not) I could lose the house, or if I'm not a homeowner then I can expect an attachment to earnings (I don't work) of a visit from the bailiffs to remove goods. A little background info:- Loan taken out in my name only
  10. Hi Thanks for your reply. I did not know how to start a thread to get more info. Cheers
  11. Hi ODC, a very newbie here, have been reading your threads regarding Lowell Finance. They have just tracked me down to this address threatening me with a "door step" visitor I have ignored the 1st letter and the letter giving me 5 days before my "visit" that was on the 10th so no visit yet. Yesterday I got a card in the post : WE ARE URGENTLY TRYING TO Deliver a letter Contact you (this box is ticked) I will contact you again between 8am and 8pm Then give me a number to ring if inconvenient - I have no intention of calling them. I went through a very messy divo
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