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  1. This is very interesting. I have an UNauthorised overdraft thanks to HSBC paying bills "for my convenience and to avoid embarrassment" and they racked up over £1,000 in charges even after I was told the account was closed and it was agreed that there would be no overdraft facility on the account! I'm currently at stage 2 complaining to the senior manager, then it's definitely off to the ombudsman I go! It's been going on for four years now and I've been through Wescot, Red, DLC and currently SRJ debt - even though I tell them I'm taking it up with HSBC!
  2. takes five presses to find subscribed threads now rather than 1!
  3. Cheque arrived this morning Off I go to the bank and to buy a nice shiny new Apple Macbook Pro with some of the proceeds
  4. subbing with interest. I have about £800 of charges alone thanks to their non opt out "informal overdraft" (despite me saying when I opened the account I never wanted an overdraft on it!)
  5. I have a horrible feeling OP thinks he's going to get a huge windfall for the second loan - rather than just a refund of premiums paid.
  6. Glad I wasn't the only one confused We need to know the figures to balance up your options I was offered £400 less than I'd asked for (although I'd added more than 8% statutory interest on top of the original figure, so I was quite happy to accept their offer). Letting them "off" that £400 is the difference between having a long drawn out battle on my hands, referring to the ombudsmen and making the case longer, or that 4k being in my bank account within 21 days (fingers crossed). It can be fine demanding more and more, but sometimes you have to look at what's the best outcome for you at the time
  7. So you've asked for £3500 and they've offered £2500?
  8. I have just won against citi financial. Full amount plus interest. Very happy. Sent the forms in three weeks ago and they have already agreed!!! I am amazed at how quick they agreed to the claim - I thought I'd be fighting for a year or so!
  9. I shall be sending the acceptance form back by special delivery to ensure no denial of not receiving it in time!! hehe ;-)
  10. No court claim. The standard form completed, with a covering letter and a copy of the original contract, together with my workings out on what I wanted in return.
  11. Just an update. I decided to go for a PPI claim at the end of June this year. I had a letter back today with an offer of a refund near £4k To say the shock I had at how quick Citi agreed to my claim is an understatement!!! So all in all 3 weeks from start to finish of claim ... just waiting for the cheque now, up to 14 days for arrival it says
  12. Dear Sirs Thank you for sending what you consider a "true copy" of an agreement that you have constructed. Please can you now send me a copy of the original agreement that you would have to provide were this alleged debt enforced in court. Yours faithfully
  13. Dear Mr Connaught Collections Thank you for your letter enclosing some random pages. Please can you now send me the signed original agreement that you would have to use to pursue this matter in the courts. Love xxx
  14. Can I just clarify? Did you go from a partnership to a limited company and the partnership was wound up? ? (for a Ltd co you would have been filing returns at companies house etc). Were any personal guarantees given to any banks when transferring any debts to the limited company. This might be more complicated than just "send off a CCA" as it could fall under partnership or company law rather than personal debt.
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