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  1. Can anyone offer any advice? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for your reply. This was in response to a normal CCA request. Thanks.
  3. Well this morning I have received a huge pile of statements but still no CCA. What do I do now? Can anyone help? Many thanks.
  4. Thank you I shall have a read.
  5. I wonder if you can help I recently wrote to Capquest asking for a copy of my cca for an egg cc the attached is what they have sent. Would someone please let me know if it is enforceable, I dont think it is but I would like to be sure and also can someone point me in the right direction of the letter i need to know send. This is all that was sent. Many thanks.
  6. Thank you for your help and advice. My name does not appear on any of the attachments, the account number is that for Capquest if I were to set up a dd. I have removed my reference numbers. Thank you.
  7. thanks for the replies, I still cant see my name showing on the attachments, the name of Elizabeth is not my name, dont know who she is! I have not missed any payments, I am paying Clydesdale £35 per month instead of the original sum as we hit financial difficulties and it has crept up to £35. I got a letter a few months back from CQ saying we have now bought your debt please ring us to make payment. I asked for CCA although I have still being paying Clydesdale as didnt want to fall behind. I have no idea why it has been passed to CQ. Thanks.
  8. I was just wondering, as I have been paying the original creditor monthly payments since Capquest have said they bought the debt, would it worth me asking for statements because the debt Capquest are asking to be repaid (£788 I think) will actually be less because interest hasnt been charged by the original creditor, I think. Any advice would be greatfully received. Thank you.
  9. Thanks for all replies, best start composing a letter then! Thanks.
  10. By the way, no terms and conditions were sent with this piece of paper.
  11. think I've cracked it! My name is not showing on this form.
  12. Could someone please have a look at the attached. I received the letter from Capquest and two copies of the "agreement". Any advice would be gratefully received. I am still paying the original creditor and have never missed a payment. Thanks. edit: Agh I cant upload the attachments, can anyone point me in the right direction?
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