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  1. I believe that HSBC keeps a monthly updated behaviour score on its customers which allows them to easily decide who to sell other products to. I wonder if anybody knows if people with only a basic account have this score?
  2. Hi All Sorry to ask again, but am still in a fight with Cabot. I sent the CCA request and was offered the attached below. Note that the date on the signature form is in 2005 but the summary box is from after 2006 when the CC late charges were changed, not the same. I received no default notice either. I sent the great letter off this site arguing the points and below is the response from Cabot finally received today. What does everybody think? Is it valid? I signed it but no date or any other prescribed terms. Thanks http://i386.photobucket.com/albums/oo307/cab412/halifax_cc.jpg http://i386.photobucket.com/albums/oo307/cab412/summary_0002.jpg http://i386.photobucket.com/albums/oo307/cab412/reply_0001.jpg http://i386.photobucket.com/albums/oo307/cab412/reply_0002.jpg
  3. Hi I spoke to Equidebt today to ask why a default notice is still listed when they cannot ever provide a credit agreement. They then started talking about another account they are chasing me for which I have told them I have sent a CCA request to the Co-OP for. The Response - I am trying to evade my responsbilities, I should pay now, I have no legal rights, I should never ask for a CCA, and any information on the net is a lie. This site is made up of people trying to dodge their responsbility and they know. I then had a great chat with they guy and got him very confused in the end. What are they like?
  4. Hi Does anybody have any advice on the way forward?
  5. I have been to a county court this week for a hearing on this account, following a set aside of the CCJ. The judge declared the agreement valid and said it does not matter on how many sheets of paper it is. It does not have to be on one side. The debt was sold to Capquest and the judge agreed that the account was not closed so no default notice was required. I therefore had no defence and lost. Should I appeal to the Court of Appeal? I am on income support and cannot afford to pay. The judge has allowed me only two weeks.
  6. Hi All Can anybody tell me what the definition of 1 month late is for credit accounts and loans. i pay a loan company sometimes a few days late and they are putting 1 motnh late markers on my credit file. Is this right? I thought 1 months would be 1 month. i.e. if payment was due on 24th december and I paid on 24 january is that 1 month late, but what if paid 1st january?
  7. Hi Does anybody know if T-mobile only reports to equifax. My account has appeared on there but nowehere else yet
  8. Hi again all I have a secured loan and due to my income I cannot always pay on time, but always pay before the next payment is due, certainly 14 days before. The loan company have now placed 2 1 month late markers on my credit file and I have argued with them that you cannot surely be 1 month late until 1 month has passed. Is this true? I have asked for them to be removed but they refuse. I have told them I want to claim damages for loss of reputation as well. What can I claim for? Is there any information I can send them? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi Does anybody know which of the credit reference agencies T-mobile search when you apply for a phone?
  10. Hi All my situation is as follows: 1 CCJ set aside, defence put in. CPR request sent to claimants. 20 days later no reply. Can I ask for this to be struck out? Ho do I do it, do I need to see a judge? 1 CCJ defence going through. CCA letter sent 3 months ago. No reply, no documents. Court papers had to be exchanged by last Thursday. I did my bit, they have not replied. Can this be struck out? again the hearing is on Fruday 21st Nov, do I need to see the judge in person? Thanks all for your great help so far.
  11. Hi All I remember reading on here some weeks ago that a judge has decided that the required parts of a CCA should be on one side of paper. Does anybody know which case it involved?
  12. Hi Thank you I am 38 and currently studying a part-time law degree it is will be paid in a lump sum it could be a similar amount and I can keep lifetime rail travel and get my pension for the 4 years
  13. I wonder of anybody has ever been in this position. I was suspended last year because of allegations made against me. These were proven to be untrue. I was harassed by my manager and the person who accused me. I am currently off sick with depression and anxiety caused by this action. I now also have arthritis in my knees which gives me mobility problems. My employer can be sued for personal injury under the protection from harassment act and health and safety act. My employer is also not able to make reasonable adjustments and I can bring a case for this. I have been speaking to my union and an option I could have is to agree to a compromise agreement where I would accept 4 years salary, pension rights etc and agree not to take any action. Has anybody ever done this?
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