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  1. Hi, This is no longer on my credit file and I got a letter chasing this debt, I sent a CCA and received this. I have not made a payment or acknowledged anything to Cabot, the last payment on the account must have been to the OC back in March 2005 so I think its statute barred (in Scotland its 5 years). Thanks, L4L
  2. Good evening CAG'ers, I sent a CCA request to Cabot some time ago and they have returned the following after a CCA request, this is disputed and the letter I sent them was a template from here. They have not issued a signed or dated CCA and sent me the following could some kind soul cast an eye over this and let me know where to proceed next. Many thanks, Live4Life Cabot.pdf
  3. This is all that they have sent me after I have sent the CCA request letter earlier in the post, Robinson Way are sending this letter (I have had no reconstituted agreement from them just letters, now they sent me the .pdf letter I scanned in one page). Cabot sent the two agreements that I have scanned in and the letter (there is around 20 pages in the .pdf). Thanks
  4. Bumping post anychance anyone could have a look at the documents I have scanned in please? RobsonWay.pdf Cabot.pdf
  5. I have attached the documents on the post above
  6. RobsonWay.pdf Good afternoon all, I have received another letter from Robinson Way that I will attach they say this pertains to a defaulted agreement on the 1st of October 2008? I have not or will never aknowledge this debt (I checked my credit file and its not there). Do I just ignore this one as well? I also have received a copy of the credit agreement (not signed or dated from Cabot) that I will upload, this is also not on my credit file and never aknowledged. Am I right in thinking that these are a. unenforceable (Statute Barred Scotland 5 years) and also they have not produced a vaild signed and dated credit agreement. If someone could help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Live4Life Cabot.pdf
  7. Ok cheers Cerberusalert, but they have written saying ...overpayment to your account should I not state that this is not my account, as it was a payment to cover the handling of my requested documents.
  8. Hello hope everyone is fine, I have had a letter returning my £1.00 cheque "After carefully assessing your account, I have the pleasure in enclosing a cheque in respect of the amount overpaid to your account. If you have any queries relating to this refund please contact us on the above details" (The amount has also been biro'd out that they are attempting to collect) I had a phone call this evening from a R&W call centre asking me to confirm that the debt was mine etc etc and I said that I had sent letters off but had no signed credit agreement, also that I had asked for all correspondence to be provided in writing. I think a letter from me is overdue to them quoting that I have asked them to contact me in writing, they have not provided me with a refund as it is not my account and I did not make a payment to the account, can anyone give me a small helping hand? Thanks
  9. Good morning, Merry Christmas and all the best for 2010. I sent off the letter informing them that they are now in breach as per cerberusalert kindly offered for each account, they have written to me today. For the account that R&W Ltd are collecting "Dear Live4Life, Please note that we have not yet received a response from the original seller. This note is to let you know that we are continuing to seek an update we will let you know the response as soon as we hear; your account remains on temporary delay. Thank you for your patience the collections manager." For the account that they are collecting on behalf of cabot "We refer to the above account that you have disputed or queried with us. We are sorry but we are still awaiting a response from the client concerned. We have reminded them that this query is outstanding. We will let you know the outcome as soon as we receive the relevant details. Yours faithfully, the collections manager" Now I don't know where I stand on the first account as R&W own it (have purchased this original debt?) so I could do with some help here! Otherwise on account no 2, surely R&W have no right what so ever after the 12+2 days to be administering this and it is now illegal for them to deal with this account on Cabots behalf as they have no right to process my data. Again help is required. Thanks guys & gals!
  10. I have altered the letter and will get it sent off today recorded delivery - thanks again cerberusalert You don't watch Lost do you they have Cerberus Vents!!
  11. Hello, Sorry I have not posted in a while the 16/12/09 has now come and gone, do I send a letter explaining that they are now in breach and to stop processing my data? Is this a recorded letter too? Any help given will be greatly appreciated - Merry Chrimbo all.
  12. 12 days (14/12/09) + 2 = 16/12/09 and they are in breach. - "start the clock"
  13. The letters go signed for today, I also has two letters from RW for each account (from the tele-call dated 25/11/09). "Dear Live4Life, Please note we have noted the dispute/query you have raised. We will make the necessary enquiries and let you know the outcome in due course. In the meantime we will stop all activity for this account. Please let us know if we can assist further. Yours faithfully The Collections Manager" (Both letters the same) On the bottom of one letter it says "Please note that by an agreement dated 26th of September your account noted above was assigned by RW Co Ltd to Robinson Way Ltd to whom all monies are now due. If you have any concerns or queries please write in with details"
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