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  1. that's exactly it, we wanted to be 'not troubled by our child' during the hours of 9am - 1pm & from 2.30pm to 5.30pm where we anticipated she will be at the kids club hence why we chose that particular holiday!!! as we both work from home and our child only went to nursery 3 days a week I think we deserved to have a bit of a break!?
  2. that will postpone this matter another 2 months?! and its been going on already for 4?! grrrr
  3. hi rebel, thanks for that. is there anything u would suggest I do with the credit card company? i know what there is on the recording which will prove me right. can i take mbna to small claims. by the time this will be heard (8 months down my way) i will have got hold of recordings (hopefully) and I'm pretty sure the cruise company would make an offer if they realize I'm proceeding with this
  4. to silverfox, I agree that not having anything in writing is bad and I get it that you would think this is a small/trivial matter. however I know what was discussed over the phone with the rep as I made it a condition of going ahead that there are kids facilities available and that under 3's could still enjoy the kids facilities by having 1 parent present which was definitely not the case here. before we book a holiday we research the destination and the kids facilities thoroughly and hence why we feel so betrayed as we were expecting one thing and found completely another. do you have any idea how I can compel them to disclose the recording? I am very inclined to go ahead with this (even if there is only a small chance) as I am very clear in what I questioned the rep about and what answers I got which were completely different in reality. this is like going for a 5 star hotel and finding that you ended up in a £20/night bb.
  5. I agree that a full refund will be stretching it however I made it very clear at time of booking that our main reason for booking the holiday was the kids facilities and the fact that we did not have any such facilities spoilt our holiday to a very big extent. had we known that we will not have any kids facilities we would have booked something different and definitely not spent 4.5K (2.5K of that was because we had a child) as we could have easily gone for a cheaper room category or arranged to get 2 rooms (4 pax) which would still have worked out cheaper than the 4.5K we paid. as an outsider (without experience of our daughter) this may sound really trivial but we needed the kids facilities to get a bit of a break
  6. Hi Guys, hope you can shed some light on my options. I've hit a dead end with the credit card company I booked a cruise in feb 14 on the phone. a major reason why I chose that particular cruise liner was due to the facilities they provide for children. I went at great length with the booking person on what they provide and whether my child would be accepted. I knew that the policy of the cruise liner was that the child must be 3 and my child was going to be 3 weeks shy of the 3rd b'day. the booking person exact words were 'the policy is from 3 but given that she is potty trained and that she is so close to her 3rd birthday you should speak to the staff on board' As I know how americans (this was an American ship) are 'computer says no sort of people' I asked what would happen if my child is not accepted to the kids club and the booking person responded 'you will have to be present with your child '. this was not a problem for me as I had experienced another liner where the policy was 2 years and we simply had to be in the kids club whilst our child was entertained by the staff with the other children. within an hour of going on board and having visited the kids club it transpired that not only was our child not going to be accepted in the kids club but that our only 'option' was to stay in a separate room (away from the kids club) which is apparently designated for under 3's with staff not even allowed to enter that particular room! now, for those of you who think this is trivial, all the family was honestly looking forward to this cruise so that we can have a break from our child who, whilst lovely requires constant interaction and loves to interact with children CONSTANTLY. we really felt that this well earned holiday was completely ruined particularly when our daughter was constantly telling us 'lets go to the kids club' and we had to constantly tell her that it is closed. anyway, to cut a long story short we made a very strong complaint on board that very day and it took 4 days of arguing with them to finally get them to put in writing that there is no way she is going to be accepted based on their policy and that 'you were misinformed by your estate agent.' on my return I immediately put a formal complaint and the rep I spoke to (on booking) tried phoned to attempt to sweet talk me. I was having none of it and requested she puts everything in writing and explain why she told me one thing which transpired to be completely false. She told me that she will look into it and I even have a few e mails going to & fro to tell me that she's taking care of it and will get back to me (their policy 28 days). I waited patiently for them to reply to no avail. when I was (after about 1 month) that they were not going to address my complaint I made a section 75 claim with the credit card company. MBNA took it 'seriously' and spent 3 months investigating it (in that time they froze the interest on the balance) and giving me a call periodically telling me that they are still looking into it as the cruise company did not provide them with the required information. finally this week I received a letter from mbna stating that they have investigate the matter and ruled against a refund after the cruise company informed them that they had heard back my conversation at time of booking and that the cruise company are satisfied that the rep had informed me correctly about the facilities provided for children and that they are not willing to accept liability. Now I am quite lost as to my next step! It would definitely help receiving a copy of the recordings but I need to get this money back quick (£4.5K) and I can already see this taking for ever to get a resolution. I'm happy to go to court but should it be against mbna, or mbna & cruise company? and I would need to proof what was said in the conversation?! your informed insight and various opinions would be greatly appreciated. I hate it when big companies play games with people who save hard to spend their hard earned money!!! thanks in advance
  7. can you give us an update on this? I am in pretty much the same position but with a cruise company & mbna
  8. i'll take out signature etc. thanks for the pointer I agree. it was a virgin credit card and I would have thought that it would have had their logo on it. its been 8 years so can't exactly remember and at the time I was in financial difficulty when I originally received the county court claim I wrote back to them that I require copy of agreement and put in a defense that they did not provide this. now they have revived the claim and put an application to strike out my defense. any pointers of what I should do would be appreciated. thanks in advance
  9. credit agreement link hereunder. please note that the signature page is correct but how can I be sure that the other pages are the actual credit agreement that I signed in 2005. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bl464cak2mxvvrc/credit%20agreement.pdf?n=9352668
  10. Hi there and thanks for assisting me with this problem. I have received a copy of a credit agreement following an sar which they say I signed in 2005. the last page is signed by myself but the credit agreement does not seem to be the one I actually signed on the day. how can I check that this is genuine and whether this is enforceable? your assistance would be greatly appreciated as I have a court hearing next week for an application made to stike out my defense for non provision of the credit agreement
  11. I have an ongoing case with britanica recoveries who took over an MBNA credit agreement taken out in 2005. they are chasing me for over 12K! and am very afraid that if they manage to get my defense struck out I will have a ccj against me. they have applied to court to struck out my defense of not providing the credit agreement. I have received the alleged credit agreement with the signed page in 2005 but not the original credit agreement which from my research on the forum credit agreements pre 2007 were unenforceable. can somebody help me with this pickle. please help
  12. dear militant customer, as u said that every time somebody posts on this thread this reminds u to do something i am putting my 2 pence worth keep it up and don't give up!
  13. thanks aviva. have already filled in that form (that they sent) giving details of all my income & outgoings and making an offer to pay £70/month but they simply refused and sent me a letter saying that if i don't set up a dd within 7 days for £206/month they will instruct bailiffs. CAB are overwhelmed so no help there!!! i feel completely isolated with an increasing debt since once the bailiffs are instructed more will be added to the bill!!!! the council are simply abusing their power to get the most vulnerable to pay this tax!
  14. dear militant customer... i have read your post with interest & great admiration! keep it up! these council are true conmen! i wish i had the energy and balls to do what you are doing!!! however unless you continue all your efforts will be for nothing! do you know what on a practical level is required to take this issue to ECJ?! I would be prepared to put in some money for this and if another few caggers do the same maybe a real case could be undertaken! keep up the very good work!!! i feel that the councils are simply stealing from us common mortals!
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